Munchin’ on Some Grindage

To all you young kids out there, that’s a quote by the greatest star of the 90s, Pauly Shore, from one of his greatest movies, Son in Law. It also describes my relationship with World of Warcraft again. I’m back. Though, I never said I would be gone for good. I’ve been away long enough that everything is new to me again, which is pretty enjoyable.


This is also how I looked when I logged
into WoW for the first time.

I popped in finally late on Friday, and compared to a lot of people, I had no problems getting in and playing on Eitrigg. I’ve learned through my many years of game launches (on PC and on consoles) that’s it’s always good to wait a few days. My only Level 90 was my Dwarf Hunter, Gertbee, so I used him first. He looks much more badass now with the updated character models and he doesn’t run like a derp anymore. I made it through the initial Draenor quests with him and started his garrison.

I spent a few days internally battling myself trying to figure out which character to boost to 90. One path was to boost a lower character that I’ve been slowly leveling up, but with my now limited time, I wasn’t sure if I would play them anyway. The next path was to boost my Alliance Auction Mule. I try to keep that character pretty level so I can disenchant things, etc. But, I felt that may have been a wasted boost. The last path was to boost Sideshow since he was still only level 87. In the end, I decided on the last path. I wanted to do the Horde quest lines, but I wasn’t looking forward to getting him to 90 before I could do that.

So, I boosted Sideshow. I didn’t really read any fine print, so while I was happy to see him in new, sweet-looking gear, I was a bit worried when I logged in found his bags completely empty and only like 3 skills to use. It turns out, if I would’ve RTFM, that they mail you your old belongings and they slowly unlock new skills and talents throughout the initial quest line. Honestly, I think that is a slick process, especially if you’re new to the class you’re boosting. It allows you to start out slowly and learn the basics, just like when you start a new character.

Now, both of my characters are about at the same spot. They’re both level 91 and have done some basic garrison stuff. I’m excited to get more into my garrison as that looks like a lot of fun, sort of a casual side to the main game. Plus, it gives you all sorts of bonuses to professions or mounts. I also like the follower system where you send them on quests. It’s very similar to the Assassin’s Creed thing where you send your assassins (or ships in AC IV) on quests, and I imagine some other games have done it before.

I’m glad that I’m thoroughly excited for this new expansion. While it’s not as exciting as my first time in game  or that of the my first expansions, it’s a nice feeling to have again. Maybe one of these days we’ll get Syrana back in.

On a related note, I started a character that I play along with my 4-year-old. She picked a Blood Elf Hunter named Risaralissa (randomized choice.) She holds the run button and occasionally hits attack buttons while I steer and keep her alive. She’s really enjoying it so far, but we’re only like level 7. I hope this experience will be a good topic for some future posts..and maybe some videos? Who knows. She’s a little ham.

Diving In

Since the last post, I’ve spent a good chunk of Eve Online time training up my character to do some exploring. I have since spent a lot more time (almost all of my play time with that character) in low security space.

My exploration character. Hopefully the badass angle keeps weaker pirates away.

My exploration character. My logic is that the badass portrait keeps weaker pirates away.

I now have a T2 covert ops frigate, the Buzzard, which is a decent exploration ship, but also not a huge loss if I make a mistake and get killed in it. I have also trained high enough in Cloaking to be able to add the Covert Ops Cloaking Device II which allows me to spent most of my time cloaked and hidden from scanning and overviews. This makes scouting and scanning down for data and relic sites much easier. I can scan it down, warp to it, and check it out all while cloaked. It does have some downsides, as I can’t target or do most other things while cloaked, but I can warp and move at full speed.

Also, while finding and hacking the data and relic sites, I’ve scanned down some wormholes. I have yet to dive into one that leads to “unknown space” or “dangerous unknown space” since I don’t think I’d make it out alive, yet, but I have jumped into a few that lead to low security space. This usually takes me to some low security system many, many jumps from my home system. So far, the lowest security system I’ve been in and spent a lot of time in was 0.1, so almost null sec space. That’s my next goal. 

I haven’t made a ton of money doing exploration, but enough to cover any expenses, which there are few if you don’t die. My next ship goal is the Astero, which is made for exploration, but it’s a bit more expensive.

Now what people say is really true, the game opens up a lot more once you leave the comforts of high security space. I do enjoy my main character who does mostly industry, trading, and mining, but there is something about being out alone in the middle of a system with possible pirates lurking about, trying to hack a mainframe to get the goods. It makes even the smaller amounts of ISK you earn seem exciting.

Hopefully my next post will talk about me dipping into null sec or even wormhole space, we’ll see.

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