How Heavy This Axe

I need to apologize to a few people.

Sorry, Battlefield 3.
Sorry, World of Warcraft.
Sorry, Lord of the Rings Online.
Sorry, Batman: Arkham City.
Sorry, Minecraft.
Sorry, Rock Band 3.

Skyrim is here. Please, hold my calls (for at least a month.)

I’m completely agree with Mister Adequate’s review over at The Android’s Closet. When I first wandered up high in the mountains and the snow started blowing hard, I felt the room get colder.


  1. Guys the empire had to sign the treaty because if not the thalmor would’ve destroyed mankind. Also the empire doesn’t like the thalmor if you listen to general tulluis at the end of the war if you pick imperials he says the treaty might end. Lastly i respect the stormcloaks but they’re racist any race besides nord they want dead or poor
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