Amongst the Ruins is Back On Tour!

Amongst the Ruins

Never miss a photo op!

That’s right, RockBand fans, Amongst the Ruins is back after taking a short hiatus due to the holidays and other scheduling conflicts.  We got together tonight (via the magic that is Xbox Live) and performed well.  It was almost as if there had been no break at all!

Before I let you take a peek at tonight’s setlist, let me introduce you to the band:

Screechin’ and screamin’: Syrana (pictured above, front ‘n center)

Wieldin’ the almighty axe: Deekow (on the right, wearin’ a cape like nobody’s business)

Crashin’ and thrashin’: Sideshow (to the left… in drag?)

The Setlist

Godsmack – “I Stand Alone”

Nine Inch Nails – “Capitol G”

Offspring – “Low Self-Esteem”

Soundgarden – “Spoonman”

Ratt – “Round ‘n Round”

Coheed and Cambria – “Welcome Home”

Rage Against the Machine – “Testify”

Testament – “Souls of Black”

Lacuna Coil – “Closer”

As I said before, we had a great night.  Everyone stuck with hard for the most part because we like to have some challenge, but enjoy ourselves.  Although, I decided to up the ante to expert vocals on “Round ‘n Round” and “Welcome Home,” receiving 96% and 95% respectively!  /cheer

One more for the road...

One more for the road...

Now… if we could just find a bassist, we’d be complete!


  1. Sideshow
    Twitter: brianjz

    What? Is that not how I look in real life?

  2. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    You know… there -is- a picture of you I’d LOVE to post…

  3. \(n)/ <— rock hoof. Best I can do. And we don’t need no stinkin bassist. Mini-fridge… nuff said.

  4. Yeah, bass is lame. Get two guitars Metallica style ;-).

  5. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    I wish we could have rhythm and lead guitars in RB. 🙁