BlizzCon Queue Reduex (aka LineCon 2009)


Ahh, yes.  Today another batch of tickets went on sale for BlizzCon 2009.  Sideshow and I were ready, or so we thought.

Twitter was wrought with anticipation as the countdown began.

@greyseer: *waves to everyone else setting up camp for BlizzCon tickets, and also everyone else not* ‘mornin’, all.

@Syrana: *scoots lawn chair along slowly* Mornin’. Damn lines. /sigh ;P

@greyseer: And so begins LineCon 2009! =P

(As you can see, credit for part of the title goes to @greyseer!)

We partied up with a guildmate in hopes that 1 of the 3 of us would be successful instead of trying to solo the queue like Sideshow did on the 16th.  This time, they didn’t seem to go on sale early.  Sideshow and I were refreshin’ away when both of us saw “tickets available” at 12pm CST (10am PST).  Sideshow actually hit the “proceed to checkout” button first, but I managed to be higher in the queue than him.

At 7003.

That’s where I entered it.

Oh no! That was even worse than we did last time… it looked like we were doomed.

Then, my phone alerts… incoming text message from guildie asking “What position?”

Crap! My counter says “undetermined” then flips me to the Blizzard store page with an empty shopping cart.  Sideshow was at 6800something.  I text back with our fail positions.

He texts back.. he’s at 1600something!

My heart leaps! I get excited, nervous, and scared.

I wait a bit, see tweets about people getting tickets and the running stock countdown by @wowinsider.

I start to get more nervous since I haven’t heard anything back.

Finally, I text “Success?”


Woot! Sideshow and Syrana will not only be IN Anaheim, CA, but we will be able to go INTO BlizzCon as well!

Now, to break the news to Capwn that he can’t go….

And.. to costume or not to costume? Where do I start? Ahhh!

Oh, one more thing – check out the RSVP list for the Twisted Nether/Blog Azeroth meetup so far.  If you are going to BlizzCon and aren’t on that list yet, you should be!


  1. tiggs4e says:

    Oh Syrana i’m so happy for you guys and pea green with envy…have a great time 😀

  2. Samodean
    Twitter: Samodean

    I’m definitely throwing that “Not going to Blizzcon” party on South Beach…

  3. Saresa
    Twitter: Saresa

    OMGOMGOMG *squeeeeee* you had me riding the biggest emotional rollercoaster ever there!

    Will be awesome to meet you and Sideshow at the meetup… which is looking amazingly Warlock heavy. One small step towards taking over the world, amirite?

  4. Very excited that you are coming to Blizzcon (and our meetup). And thanks for letting everyone know about it! We want to FILL the place! 🙂

  5. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Tiggs – Thank you 🙂 Hopefully someone will have a spare for you?

    @Sam – Awww 🙁

    @Saresa – *steeples fingers* Yesss, yesss, our plan is coming together quite nicely.

    But on a serious note, it’s going to be awesome to meetup with you and everyone! 😀

    @Fimlys – Thanks! Yes, the place has to be filled! How else are the warlocks going to take over the world? 😉

  6. =O!

    I want to go so bad and it’s during my birthday lol. AMG! BLOGGER MEETUP!

    Grats on getting tickets!