New Character Creation Commencing

The day finally came after a bit of waiting. We logged into our "World of Real Life" account and created a new Level 1 Human. We decided to name him Xander Lee Zalewski. He finally logged in at 3:15pm on December 8th weighing in at 7lbs 4oz, carrying … [Read more...]

Sweet Child o’ Mine

One of the things I think about as we raise our daughter (now 2) and have a son on the way (he's still taking his time) is how they will game and how we will game with them. It wasn't really something my parents did with us, mainly since video games … [Read more...]

Aerissa Jean

As many of you know, we've welcomed our daughter into the world. She came on Halloween, which was unexpected, yet very much appreciated. She'll have awesome birthday parties. I thought I'd just post up the basic information and annoucement. Syrana … [Read more...]

Has Gaming Prepared Us For Sleepless Nights?

I know, I know.  This place is rundown and cobwebby.  No one hangs out here much anymore. Hell, I barely pass as a "gamer" anymore.  But, as most of you know (if anyone is still out there, that is) I've been a bit preoccupied with my spawn-to-be. … [Read more...]

Who Do You Think You Are?

As you know from other posts and podcasts, I do enjoy genealogy and the research that goes into unraveling my family tree. Last year, I came across a show on BBC Television in the UK called Who Do You Think You Are? I was able to watch most of the … [Read more...]

An Interview With Syrana’s Parents

We all know that Sideshow and I are avid gamers.  But did you know my parents are gamers too? About a year ago, Sideshow and I piqued their interest enough in WoW to get them playing.  They each have their own account and are still enjoying the … [Read more...]

Home Sweet Home

So Thanksgiving has come and gone.  For those that observe Thanksgiving, I hope you had a safe and happy holiday.  For those of you that don't observe it, I still hope you were safe and happy over the past few days. Since Sideshow and I started … [Read more...]

AFB: Food Forecast and Thanks

Today I shall be AFB (away from blog).  Most of the day will be spent with family and food.... LOTS of food.  From the moment we hit the road today after work, I had to remove the interwebz IV from my arm.  Sure, I'll be on Twitter, email, blog, and … [Read more...]

Nothing Else Matters

I originally did this post on my Genealogy site due to a weekly meme that another blogger creates on Saturdays, but I thought it was a good post to get people to think about their answers. I won't make you go visit my site to read it, since it's not … [Read more...]

Soulbound, In Game and Out

Do you, Syrana, take Sideshow as your leveling partner, For richer for poorer, Through rez sickness and full hp, For epic or greens, Til death do you corpse run? I, Syrana, pledge my less than 3 to you, Sideshow, in game and out. Ok, so it … [Read more...]