Who Do You Think You Are?

As you know from other posts and podcasts, I do enjoy genealogy and the research that goes into unraveling my family tree. Last year, I came across a show on BBC Television in the UK called Who Do You Think You Are? I was able to watch most of the … [Read more...]

Nothing Else Matters

I originally did this post on my Genealogy site due to a weekly meme that another blogger creates on Saturdays, but I thought it was a good post to get people to think about their answers. I won't make you go visit my site to read it, since it's not … [Read more...]

Who are we?

I've been doing Genealogy research for about 10 years now, since back when my grandfather passed away in 1999. I've always enjoyed mysteries and putting information together, so it fit me perfectly. Plus, it feels more personal since it has … [Read more...]