Off Into the Nether

Gertbee Sunset

I think I may have finally hit that point. The point where I'm no longer interested in playing World of Warcraft. I think the last time I played was almost two months ago and I've had absolutely no urge to play, even though my year subscription … [Read more...]

The Day That Never Comes


Here we sit, waiting for baby #2 to come. Based on 100% of our previous children (1) we expected him to come a bit early, so it's been like 10 days of hoping today is the day. It gets tiring in it's own way. Fortunately, I've been able to play a … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Psst

Screenshot 5/8/11

People of Ironforge. There is not a rogue over here. Move along. (Click for larger) … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: The Protector

Children's Week

With Children's Week coming up, starting today, I thought I'd use a screenshot from a Children's Week of the past. This is Sideshow escorting the little Blood Elf girl. I think he's saying, "If you touch her, I will rip out your spleen with my fist … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Target Practice


Gertbee about to take some target practice on the latest spammer recruits. Either that or it's a family with horrible creativity in names. … [Read more...]

Sunday Screenshot: The Big Bubble


I still don't know how the Dalaran we know today fit inside of that bubble. Took this screenshot back on December 13, 2006. … [Read more...]

Sunday Screenshot: I’m a Manataur!

I'm a Manataur!

I thought I'd bring back some of the Sunday Screenshot posts, since I have a bunch just sitting here on my PC. Some classics, too, back to when I first played in 2005. This was from the end of a quest in Uldum. The prisoners were trying to … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Machine


There are a ton of great quests in Cataclysm. Blizzard definitely went all out. I really enjoyed the Worgen starting area. The quest line there felt epic and the story was well written. The Goblin starting area was great. They made it really fun with … [Read more...]

Kinect and Dinosaur Bones


I think it may have finally happened. I actually was able to procure something in-game before mostly everyone else already has it. I have been playing Gertbee, my (now) level 83 Dwarf Hunter more than Sideshow recently. No real reason, I just have … [Read more...]

The Music


Throughout my years of gaming (and movie watching), I've always enjoyed the music that doesn't get a lot of attention. Usually the music is just the background while you play or watch, so a lot of people don't pay attention to it. In the last few … [Read more...]