Screenshot Sunday: Male Call

Sometimes I wonder if bank alts get cold when retrieving the mail... … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Happy Mother’s Day

A happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers and mothers-to-be out there.  But today's post is dedicated to just one mother. … [Read more...]

RL Screenshot Sunday: Children’s Week Announcement

Sideshow and I have an announcement.  We feel it is time to share this news with everyone (and I suspect it will further explain my hiatus and reduced posting beyond all the work hullabaloo). We are -or rather, I am- expecting.  For those of you … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: The Cutest Human/Elf Children

Last week I featured the cutest baby ever, an infant Taunka.  This week I'm bringing you an adorable human boy and elven girl.  (I told you I was excited about the upcoming Children's Week!) … [Read more...]

(Yet Another) Screenshot Sunday: Cutest Baby Ever

I know, I know, it seems all I've been able to manage posting recently is screenshots.  Well, it's a good sign really.  It means I'm not completely lost in IRL.  Sometimes, when my routine changes for a chunk  o' time, it can be hard to shift back … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Patience Is Killer

[Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Happy Noblegarden!

*sighs, seeing the amount of dust that accumulated since last show and tell day* I've been having fun going through photographs this weekend and went through some screenshots too!  Here's a couple fun shots from last year around this time.... … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: El Pollo Grande

*busily swats away the cobwebs, tidying up the place* Sometimes life hands you lemons. Other times it hands you large chickens. It's all in how you handle 'em. … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: My Biggest Fan

It looks like I have a fan on the Alliance side on Eitrigg. I'm so flattered. I ran across him when doing the cooking quests during Thanksgiving with my Alliance rogue. … [Read more...]

Screenshot (and song) Sunday: Barrens Road of Broken Dreams

(I blame Krizzlybear, who's been doing a lot of song parodies this month!  This one is based upon Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day [Lyrics] [Video]) I walk a lonely road The only zone that I have ever known Don't know where you are But … [Read more...]