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The Libram

Corrigan stared at his hammer, shield and libram.  He rubbed his face, his mind still tainted and haunted by dreams of Sylphine.  Sylphine, who he could not protect.

He clenched his fist in anger, the knuckles turning white.  Rondrey was right, he needed to be out there with his soldiers.  What kind of man would he be if he continued to sulk in his tent?  He let out a heavy sigh, his eyes taking in the scattered rum bottles strewn about.

Rum had become his mistress.  Rum was there to help dull the pain, but it was getting harder to mask, for the rum did not shield his mind from the dreams.  He reached out, running his finger tips over the hammer and the shield, pausing at the libram.

His once sparkling eyes looked away, ashamed, as he picked up the libram.  It felt heavy in his hands.  He turned it over in his hands slowly, feeling the smoothness of its wear and tear at his hand.  Corrigan made up his mind.  He needed to support his soldiers because they would not stand a chance if he didn’t do otherwise.

He closed his eyes and bowed his head, thinking back to when he took his oath as a Paladin.  Corrigan took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.  He concentrated on this memory as he centered himself.  He would be no good to his soldiers if he could not focus to wield the Light properly.  Silently he recited the words of his oath and felt the warmth of the Light deep within his core.

Corrigan marched out of the tent, the flaps fluttering in the wind behind him.  The smell of burnt… what was that smell?  He grimaced, choking on the stench.  His eyes watered.  Looking around, he noticed the land for as far as he could see was covered by a strange haze.  It seemed to be mixed with smoke from fires, cannons, and gunpowder.

He said a quick blessing for himself as he headed towards the soldiers up ahead.  They had fought long and hard to keep back the Scourge, but did not appear to be pushing them back.  They needed to at least hold them at bay.  They could not afford to let the Scourge army advance any further here in Dragonblight.

Corrigan began working his support from the very back of the battle.  He would shout out blessing onto soldiers, re-engergizing them, strengthening them, and giving them hope.  His heart began to swell with pride as his body filled with the Holy Light.  The warm, tingling sensation it created upon his fingertips before he sent healing onto a weary soldier, was almost enough to make him feel whole again.

Feeling more confident, Corrigan began to wade through the soldiers.  He spotted an old Dwarven comrade named Rufus.  Corrigan shook his head, smiling at the might of his old friend.  Corrigan briefly thought back to the first time they met.  He thought Rufus was an untameable liability for their unit, while Rufus thought Corrigan was a pompous Human that was afraid to get his hands dirty.

Rufus turned as he swung his mighty axe, catching sight of Corrigan.  Rufus winked before slicing his enemy across the midsection.  Corrigan concentrated on Rufus, his mind declaring him a beacon.  Corrigan and Rufus’s connection made it possible for Corrigan to not only heal Rufus, but work through Rufus to heal those near him.  This allowed Corrigan to spread his concentration and support throughout more of the battle.  He could send the Light surging into and through Rufus to heal many fairly quickly at intermitten intervals while finding others that needed his help too.

Corrigan was feeling confident, perhaps too confident.  He strode over to the section Rondrey was healing.  He clapped his hand onto the priest’s shoulder and yelled, “How’s this for leading?”

Rondrey let another spell leave his hands before surveying the field.  “Good to see you out here, but don’t spread yourself too thin.”

Corrigan patted Rondrey on the back a couple of times.  Spread himself too thin?  He was Corrigan, the Commander of these forces!

As he was making his way back within range of Rufus, a lithe figure caught his attention out of the corner of his eye.  He watched as she lunged forward, cutting through the Scourge, and moving quickly onto the next foe.  Corrigan did not recognize her.  He wondered where she had come from.

“Nataliah, keep pressing forward!” Hollered a soldier to her left.  He slammed his shield into the Scourge she had drove in his direction.

“Nataliah…” Corrigan let the name roll over his tongue.  He frowned as he continued to stare at her, his mind becoming haunted once again.  Their faces became one.  Their screams became one.


The yell pulled him out of his thoughts.  Things had gotten worse in those few moments of inattention.  He looked to the right and saw Rufus surrounded by Scourge attackers.  He was trying to fight them off, but could not do it without support.  He looked to his left and saw Nataliah fall to her knees, brandishing her sword high above her head as the Scourge closed in on her.

Corrigan swallowed hard, his palms sweaty.  Neither of them were within range, he’d have to choose…

Choices: [Links Updated 4/22/09]

Does Corrigan place a protective bubble around Nataliah? If yes, then go to Deathcoil.Org on April 22nd.


Does Corrigan concentrate his healing on Rufus? If yes, then go to WoW Druid on April 22nd.

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  1. This is really cool! The concept is just WAY OUT THERE! I obliged to follow the Libram. But I can’t wait until the 22nd! Why must you do this to me!? ;_;

  2. Kelinarra says:

    Great storyline…but we want more! Now! lol Can’t wait to see what develops.

  3. you’ve done it again…i’m hooked 😀

  4. lol GJ Syr. I think its interesting that I think our Corrigan character could be the same person, IMO. I mean, I know that’s how it’s supposed to go but its not like we compared notes :-).

  5. Samodean
    Twitter: Samodean

    Great work!

    I can see the threads intertwining, the web slowly expanding outward. My plan… yes, my plan! It’s all coming together.

    *Cackles madly*

  6. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Krizzly – You should join us on this project! /nudge You have great writing skills…. 🙂

    @Keli – I’m glad you are enjoying another story… but yes, again it’s a once a week story. Although, as it branches out more there will be many paths to follow!

    @KitnKat – Yay! 😀

    @Fulg – Definitely was interesting to see how you, Byaghro, and I portrayed him… and the great similarities!

    @Sam – *cackles* Indeed, your plan is taking hold!

  7. Samodean
    Twitter: Samodean

    Move along, nothing to see here. Just a couple of evil Warlocks plotting world domination…

  8. Kimberly
    Twitter: ladygypsy

    I love this! And I haven’t died yet! Probably because I’m a paladin.

  9. I enjoyed how even though he chose to stand back and heal, the action was never gone. /bow to you 😀

  10. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Kimberly – You are too good at these adventures! 😉

    @Snug – Thank you! 😀

  11. Ooh, this is good. As a disc priest, I’d bubble them both! He he. But who…who….?!?!


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