Friday Funnies: IRL Achievement Whorde

A thank you goes out to a new guildie who inspired me to complete this achievement and share it with you all!  (Yes, I had a little free time at work for once!)

Click for larger image

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  1. We need to compile a list of RL achievements. I’m totally aiming to go hot-air ballooning and confront height fears this year. Totally gonna try anyways…


  2. Congrats for exploring the office! That’s rather hard to do in the case of the Boss usually has a wide aggro range….. trust me. I would know.

  3. After 9 years I have yet to complete this Achievement in my own territory..Well Done 😀

  4. Does one bathroom count or do I have to go explore the womens room?

  5. Kimberly
    Twitter: ladygypsy

    (lols for real!)


    I don’t think I’m high enough level to face the mobs in our Furnace room…

  6. Sesame/Adagio says:

    lol! Nice, Syr!

  7. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Dav – I think having an RL achievement list would be great and of course, walkthroughs on how to complete them!

    @Rosalyne – Thankfully my boss has a small aggro range. The trickiest part was printing off the template and getting to the copier to get it on the certificate paper…. without anyone seeing what I was up to! lol

    @Kit – I have completed it a few times, before achievements were patched in 😀

    @Abi/Fear – 1 bathroom counts. Ours are split staff/client not men/women (ewww, I know!). Although, bonus points if you go in the women’s bathroom!

    @Kimberly – The furnace room is kinda scary. 😀

  8. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Sesame – Thanks! 😀

  9. Hahaha, awesome.

    Grr, missing the parking area, i work on a big airport and they are .. quite far away .. and i come to work by bus.

  10. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Sibyll – Looks like you need a mount to cruise that last checkpoint! 🙂