Full Moon Rising: Honor Your Elders

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again: Lunar Festival.  The time to honor the ancestors of Azeroth.  Be it friend or foe, these Elders deserve some respect at least once a year.  And boy do they dish out some good rep!  Thank you, Elders, for helping me work towards my 2009 gaming goals!

To all the moons I've loved before...

To all the moons I've loved before...

So, I’m trying to knock out some of these Lunar Festival achievements.  But, sadly, I will not be able to complete them all for the Elder title until next year.  What?! Yeah, I know.  Well, since I’m still taking my sweet time leveling to 80 it is neigh impossible for me to visit every Elder, (all 75 of them! Yipes!) since one of them likes to hang out with a heroic-only boss up nort’ der hey.

Fire hazard!

I easily completed the fireworks and firecrackers achievements on Saturday.  For some reason though, the first round of firecrackers didn’t count.  So, like any good pyro, I bought another stack to set off right away!

Syrana did acquire the pink dress last year as well as the dress tailoring pattern.  She still had 10 coins in her bank, so I promptly headed to Moonglade via the exclusive teleporting invitation (oh, anyone can get one? Bah!) to purchase the green dress and the pants suit pattern.

Elder Tour 2009

I’m not sure when or how Blizz started tracking what Elders Syrana visited last year, but about half of the Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms Elders were already checked off.  Oddly enough, Syrana only had the 10 Coins achievement.  Now, if I had 10 in the bank, bought a dress last year for 5 and the pattern for 5, that would be a total of 20.  But, the progress for the 25 Coins only said “10.”  Bah.

Sideshow, on the other hand, had some coins in his bank, but none of the Elders were checked off in his achievements section.  No sweat, since I could visit them again for another coin and more rep!  Sideshow, Kelinarra, and I started the Kalimdor tour to get some of them, fetching me the 25 Coins achievement.  We also helped Kelinarra (at level 43 now, yay!) get some flight paths in Feralas, Tanaris, Un’Goro, and Silithus while on our tour.  (And I’m truly, truly sorry that the big dino got you.)  We have more to go, but this festival lasts until February 12th, so I’m not going to rush it.  If you are looking for a handy-dandy Elder guide, check this one out at wowwiki.

Honoring Thy Alt

I’ve been working on Alynedarra, my hunter, a bit more recently.  She made it to level 75 last night! I also decided to start her Elder tour.  Now, Aly has a purple dress from 2 years ago.  She also still had 3 coins in her bank.  None of the Elders were marked off in her achievements list.  I honestly cannot remember if I played her during Lunar Festival last year.  I’m thinking I was too focused on Syrana at that time and Aly was left on the wayside.

Fishing Goal Update

You know… I think Syrana just might become an expert fisherwoman by the end of the year!  Syrana has caught over 100 Fish now and has broken 100 fishing skill!


  1. Kelinarra says:

    I collected 16 coins and several flight paths on our run to all the different Elders. I purchased the purple, green, and pink dresses in Moonglade. The big dino didn’t deter us for long and Sideshow did a great job at knocking down most threats, as did Syrana, to clear the way and continue our journey to visit the Elders. It was another wonderful night in the World of Warcraft!

  2. I was surprised to read about people sneaking into enemy capital cities to see Elders, I always thought that was pretty much impossible. I’ll have to wait until 80 before I try such death defying heroics

  3. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    No need to wait until 80, I didn’t! (Which a play-by-play of sorts will be brought to you in a new post!)