I’m in the Mood for Love~

Every woman needs a sexy black dress!

Every woman needs a sexy black dress!

Ahhh, yes.  Today is the start of the World of Warcraft’s version of Valentine’s Day: Love is in the Air.  But instead of just one day, it lasts for 6(ish)!  It’s a girly girl’s dream come true. /bats eyelashes

Ahem.  Anyway.  There are lots of posts today about this event, I know.  I have no good guide of my own so if any of you are looking for one, head over to WoWInsider’s guide.  I’m going to attempt to complete what I can, but since I’m not 80 yet, I won’t be able to get the title, again.  (I’m sensing a theme here.)

What I do have to offer is a fun filled guild event this Friday evening.  (Remember when I said I was a social event coordinator extraordinare?)  You can even check out the exclusive interview about it here!  It should be loads of fun, and I’ll be sure to post a recap of the event so those who were there can reveal in memories and those of you who weren’t can experience it vicariously!

Now, to get Syrana a new dress!  She does have the purple one from last year.  Syrana’s a Warlock, what can I say? She loves purple.  Alynedarra was blessed with a black one (a gift from an admirer! *blush*) and a blue one.  (On second thought, being blessed with a black and blue one sounds.. odd…)


  1. How awesome she got a dress from a secret admirer! That’s even better than getting it on your own!

  2. I’m saddened that the title can only be gained by a level 80 player. I really wanted my Death Knight to be a love fool…

  3. Sideshow
    Twitter: brianjz

    Haha, I got the Lovely Black Dress on my first gift. Sideshow isn’t too cute in it though.

  4. I wish the title we got was “Love Maker” or “Stud Muffin” instead of “Love Fool.”

    Oh…and /grumble grumble grumble…I actually found myself doing these achievements…and I’m unsure why…

    Durned Achievements…

  5. I believe you can get the title if you are level 75+.Don’t have to wait till 80 just have to be able to enter COT:Culling of Strat.

  6. Love and chaos….what a combination. Lots of Ninja
    heart grabbing too! Guess it’s the old…you snooze…you lose…even if it’s only a second or two.
    Gimme all your lovin’…..lol.

  7. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Anea – Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, when she received it as a gift, it was when I was still RPing on an RP server. 🙂

    @Fulg – A Deathknight would be an interesting Love Fool!

    @Side – 😛 That’s all I can say is 😛

    @Davlin – Yeah, I think there could have been room for a more entertaining title for sure. Stud Muffin would have been awesome!

    @Brierly – Always good to see a new commenter! 🙂 I think you have to be 80 because the “Pitying the Fool” achievement requires you to be able to zone into Naxx. But that’s ok, it will give me a reason to work on the achievement and participate in the event again next year! (And hopefully there won’t be a new requirement I can’t meet! hehe)

    @Keli – For sure, giving out those Love Tokens is cutthroat. I noticed (at least with the guards) if you and another player click on them at the same time (so you both see the option to give a token) you can both do it. I had that happen a few times in Undercity. And of course, those of us with epic riding get an edge on the travel speed to the next one!