Live Show Wednesday Night – Join the Fun!

Wednesday night at 9pm eastern time will be another great, fun-filled, LIVE show brought to you by Davlin and Nexultor.  You can catch it at

Last week’s show was a blast.  They discussed engineering, the patch (you know there will be more about it now!), lore and more! There was a guest mage talking about, well, magey things.

If you listen in, don’t be afraid to join us in the live chat.  It’s fun to distract Dav and Nex… but also a great way to socialize during the show with other listeners and ask questions.

Plus, I haz a voicemercial.  You know that’s win.


  1. Voicemercial? That sounds vaguely dirty 😀

  2. Woot, they advertised for us way before I did. I love you guys!!! Ok, that’s it, you guys have a guest spot. I’ll be in contact with further details.

  3. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Willel – Hahaha I guess that’s what happens when I try to make up words. 😛

    @Davlin – <3 and I think I could handle a guest spot… /nervous 😉