RP Recap – The Quick ‘n Dirty Version

Before I resume Aerissa’s story, I thought it would be appropriate to post a summary of the story so far (parts 1-46) to refresh our memories.

Previously on RP Tuesday…

Aerissa arrived in Tranquillien after having spent at least a month nursing several wounds in the woods of Eversong.  During that time, she befriended a lynx named Locke.  Out of her element while in the woods, Aerissa taught herself how to fashion makeshift weapons, shoot a bow, and create goods from the skins of her kills.  Aerissa made a name for herself in Tranquillien by killing two abominations that patrolled the Dead Scar.  She had also become friends with the resident innkeeper, Twyla.

After receiving her reward for helping the guards, she purchased newer weapons and clothing from Tomber, a general goods merchant.  One of those items was a dagger, which caused such an intense flashback that Aerissa was unconscious for several days.  This was a major breakthrough to help her figure out what happened how she got to where she was now, especially once she recognized the dagger as being her ex-fiance’s.

She was reminded her of finding her fiance in an intimate embrace with a human the night before their wedding.  He had turned on her, trying to silence her with his dagger.  These memories were so painful that when Aerissa regained consciousness she fled back into the woods.  While she isolated herself, Locke engaged in a fight with a plagued lynx who infected him.  Aerissa continues to struggle with her grief over losing him.

Aerissa eventually tried to get back to normal and signed up to help the guards with some scouting work.  She was assigned to Windrunner Spire, where she recovered Lady Sylvanas’s locket.  Aerissa was then sent to The Undercity to return the locket and to pick up more supplies on her way back through Silvermoon.


Alynedarra was hired to track down Aerissa.  She’d had a couple one on one conversations with The Boss regarding this assignment, which was unusual.  Alynedarra has been ruthless in her quest to gather information on the whereabouts of Aerissa, but has yet to be caught for killing a dock master, assaulting a zepplin master, and assaulting a Silvermoon guard.

Oh, and breaking and entering of an orphanage.

What started out as an assignment from an anonymous contractor with questionable instructions has turned into a desperate race for Alynedarra to find her target before anyone else does so she can save her.  And, find out once and for all if they are sisters.

Next time on RP Tuesday…

We’ll rejoin Aerissa as she makes her way to the city gates, the large crate of supplies being hauled by a poor young boy and his cart, as she makes her way back to Tranquillien.

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  1. Hurray! Good to see you’re back with your story. Do you think you could publish it someday? =D

  2. Syrana
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    One step at a time, dear. Let’s get it written first 😛