Screenshot Sunday: Get Off My Lawn

Last week recap

Last week’s screenshot was, indeed, from above one of the pillars in Sholazar Basin.  (I think it was the Skyreach Pillar.)  I had gotten pretty far up and it looked interesting when I looked down.  Congratulations to Sibyll for getting it right!


Sometimes there are signs that have nothing but words… and other times, the most foreboding of signs have no words at all.

Which skull is the deterrant?

Which skull is the deterrant?


  1. Kelinarra says:

    I believe this SS is from Grizzly Hills. I don’t know the exact location until I log in and take a look.

  2. Figured it would be , and seeing some redneck dwarf hunter with a shotgun and a woodcabin not to far off , along with bear traps and fur pelts

  3. I defonatly think its Grizzly Hills- im not sure where, but i like the added caution and atomsphere such a sign brings- they should have one in stormwind canal just to scare the low levels ;).

  4. Zaralin
    Twitter: ZaralinOfElune

    Hey! That means Shrek is nearby! Cool, I’ve always wanted to meet him!

  5. Yay, cool 😀

    Mhm but this week … no clue, i think it’s in Grizzly Hills but where?! No clue, no clue, maybe i see it over the week 😉

  6. Zaralin
    Twitter: ZaralinOfElune

    Oh, and this is from Grizzly Hills near Silvermoon. But I REALLY wanted to meet Shrek. 🙁

  7. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    Aww, are you sure Shrek wasn’t hiding nearby, Zara?