Screenshot Sunday: Never Too Much Purple

Last week’s recap

No one ventured a guess on where the odd doll looking thing was found.  Well, at least no one said in the comments, but that’s ok!  Maybe no one wanted to admit they didn’t find the doll and take it straight to the lost and found.  Or maybe they like the puppymen and not the bigtongues.  That’s right, I found the doll while doing the Oracle dailies over by Sparktouched Haven, where I am sent with a request to slaughter numerous Wolvar baddies in one of 3 flavors of execution.


Several of these features have been located in Northrend, so I figured it was time to dig back a little further in my screenshots to find something pre-Wrath again.  And, I just like the look of this one for some reason!



  1. Chibikeni says:

    Probably make a ‘Where’s Syrana been to?’ sections so we can make guesses where the screenshots been to =P

    The picture’s is located in Nagrand, can’t remember the name though >.<“

  2. Haha, there the good old quest for my netherdrake comes in my mind ;-)Twilight Ridge … the snakes were pretty .. big and … ugly x).

    And yay for the purple mount!

  3. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Chibi – That is certainly an idea. But sometimes I find such awesome stuff to take screenies of on my alts! 😉

    @Sibyll – Purple is awesome. *nodnod* Everything in the area of Twilight Ridge was big and ugly! 😛