Thought Dump: The Treadmill

A few years ago, Sideshow and I bought a treadmill.  At the time, we were trying to go to the gym on a regular basis to work out.  Like lots of great plans, it worked for awhile, but then trailed off.  Mostly due to the extra time it took to get … [Read more...]

Time Keeps On Slippin’

You ever notice how weird time is? The amount of time in a day is the same... every day.  But some days time seems to drag and other days it flies by. I definitely find this crazy "fast flying" time to be the case when I take vacation days.  … [Read more...]

Further Allods Online Thoughts

Last week I posted some screenshots from Allods Online.  In the comments, Tami asked the following, which I will answer today: I’m curious to know how you like the game, past the opening scenes. I don’t know if it was just me being flighty or not, … [Read more...]

Syrana’s 2010 Gaming Goals

This is going to be a bit different than last year's goal list.  Last year I focused heavily on World of Warcraft goals with a smattering of Rock Band goals mixed in.  This year, I've broken down my goals into a few different categories: WoW, Aion, … [Read more...]

The Many Faces of Syrana – An Update

Oh hi there! What? Oh yes, I know there's been nothing new 'round here for a few days. You see, sometimes I get a bit distracted...especially by new games.  But not just by any ol' new game - good new games.  Unlike Sideshow, I don't really … [Read more...]

A Change of Seasons

I thought I'd give an update on my gaming and an overview of my play-style. Sideshow is currently at 80 and has been there for many months now. In all honesty, he's probably as far as he needs to be. He has a few Naxx pieces, some PvP pieces, etc. … [Read more...]

Veteran Rewards? Yes Please!

Today is the first day that Aion players can redeem veteran rewards.  Last week NCsoft revealed their plans for veteran rewards.  Starting today, accounts that have been active for at least a month will be able to redeem them.  Although things could … [Read more...]

State of the Blog Mini-Project Complete: Blogroll!

As many a blogger can tell you, keeping an up-to-date blogroll is a daunting task.  It can be difficult enough to keep one's feed reader tidy. Why might this be difficult, you ask? Well, some people stop writing or updating without warning, others … [Read more...]

My Open Relationship With WoW

It is no secret that WoW was my first MMORPG.  When I first started playing WoW in October of 2006, I was totally enamored with it.  I started out playing here and there, getting to know WoW. The more I got to know WoW, the more time I wanted to … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Don’t Forget To Look Up

Sometimes we get too focused on the ground before us as we fight through new lands.  But if you never look up, you are missing out on seeing half your world. … [Read more...]