Cataclysm: First Impressions

Rebuilding Andorhal

Not to be false advertising, but this is more of an impression of some of the old Azeroth changes, rather than anything beyond 80. I have actually not yet quested beyond 80 or even started new races. It's just going to be way too busy this week for … [Read more...]

Kickin’ Ass and Completin’ Quests


Thought I'd provide a brief update regarding the wonderful World of Warcraft. See, I haven't been running dungeons, raiding, or even doing dailies.  You might be shocked to know that I still haven't used the random dungeon finder nor have I ran … [Read more...]

Blame Syrana For Charity


That's right, there is a new incarnation of #iblamesyrana on Twitter.  A few folks have already started to warm up their blaming skills in anticipation.  You may have heard a little about it on a couple of podcasts or even seen the post over at … [Read more...]

Memorial Day: Azeroth’s Fallen Heroes


For those readers within the United States, today we have a holiday: Memorial Day.  Many of us have off of work (or school) and have a tradition of traveling, grilling out, and spending time with family on this day.  Memorial Day is also a day to … [Read more...]

Cultural Diversity in Azeroth: Part Three – The (Playable) Classes

Since there was a significant gap between this segment and previous parts of this series, I understand if you need a quick refresher. Part One - Introduction Part Two - The (Playable) Races Alright, back? Ready to have some fun and … [Read more...]

Cultural Diversity in Azeroth: Part Two – The (Playable) Races


Last week we had the Intro to this little series.  Today, I'd like for us to take a look at the stereotypes out there for the playable races in WoW.  I must limit it to playable because it would be quite the daunting task to encompass every single … [Read more...]

Cultural Diversity in Azeroth: Part One – Intro


Hello class!  Today you could say I was actually inspired by a training at work... *gasp* I know! Hard to believe.  This will be at least two parts, I think.  But today's Cultural Diversity training at my office got me thinking about it in Azeroth … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Immortal Beloved

See it?!

Last Week's Screenshot Recap It seems that the portal from last week was a toughy.  I honestly had never seen that portal until about a month ago when I was doing some exploring in Feralas.  Yes, that lovely greenish portal with the floating skull … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Wanna Get Away?

Is that a skull?

Last Week's Screenshot Recap Ah, yes, a few of you knew exactly where the fallen statue was in Azshara.  (Ok, probably more than a few knew, but a few commented!)  It's an odd place to get to and I almost missed the bridge … [Read more...]

X Marks the Spot

Hacksaw Jenny is disconnecting that hip bone...

Seeing as how Sunday has always been sort of my laziest day of the week (even within the World of Warcraft) I thought I'd try to keep up with a Sunday posting of a screenshot of some sort.  Right now, I'm on an NPC kick.  Sometimes we miss the humor … [Read more...]