Good Luck To Those Buying Tickets

Wow, the sale of tickets for BlizzCon 2010 is upon us.  And I say....Good luck to you!  Last year was a bit nerve wracking as we tried to get tickets, so I really do wish everyone good luck to get tickets if you so desire. We won't be going … [Read more...]

Crazy Pet Lady

Yes, people are still talking about it and being very passionate about their view points.  Yes, I realize this post may appear late in the game, but I had one major reason for postponing it - hoping some of the hype would die down a bit.  I mean, I … [Read more...]

What? BlizzCon Was Over A Month Ago Already?

It's weird.  On the one hand, BlizzCon feels like it was just the other day, but on the other hand, it feels like it was ages ago. Then, it really hit me that it was over a month ago. Remember all that great BlizzCon recappin' I promised?  … [Read more...]

BlizzCon 2009 – Wrap Up & Review Part 2: Loot

Of course we had to get some BlizzCon loot, right?  The loot drops started with the goody bags.  Now, this was our first BlizzCon, so I don't know as well as others how this year's swag bag compares to the BlizzCon's of past... but it sounded like … [Read more...]

BlizzCon 2009 – Wrap Up & Review Part 1: The Real Schedule

What is it with me and posting multiple parts lately? Well, with BlizzCon, there's no way I could write just one post to cover it all.  Ok, so that's a lie.  There are 2 ways: 1- Use thousands and thousands of words that would take days to read or … [Read more...]

BlizzCon 2009 – The Final Day

Although today was the last day of BlizzCon, this will not be the last post regarding it.  I still have stories and photos to share as well as thoughts, impressions, and the like. We fly out Sunday, back home.  Sure we are taking home souvenirs, … [Read more...]

BlizzCon 2009: Step 3 – Profit

I apologize for the lack of twitter updates today.  AT&T epically failed when thousands of people got inside the convention center and wanted to share all sorts of cool news. I had no signal for most of the day, which was not cool.  One, … [Read more...]

BlizzCon 2009: Step 2 – ???

Oh my goodness, what a day, what a day.  Most of it was spent flying or in the airport.  Although I spent most of the day sittin' on my ass, lemme tell ya, it's been a tiring day already! As my last post(s) indicated, we flew out of Milwaukee … [Read more...]

BlizzCon 2009: Step 1 – Leave Milwaukee

8/20/09 3:45pm CST It's time! By the time you see this post, we should be aboard our plane and getting ready for take off.  I'll have a WoW book ready to read and fight off headaches and queasiness that flying and air pressure changes give … [Read more...]

Blizzcon 2009 Preparation: The Schedule

Woohoo! Let me tell ya, I was thrilled to be done with work yesterday... it meant.. no returning to the office until next Tuesday!  However, we don't actually fly out until Thursday.  Anywho, for those interested in knowing what we plan to be up to, … [Read more...]