Clearing the Cobwebs

Hey, what is this place? Geez, it looks like no one has been here for like a year. Oh..wait..that's actually correct. As the note to the right says, we are on a sort of hiatus right now. Syrana has not had much of any time to game and is now … [Read more...]

State Of The WoW Account

Seeing as how I haven't logged into WoW since the first weekend of July and we're tightening our budget in anticipation of our spawn's arrival... I decided to cancel it.  For now. Things are very busy right now IRL.  I'm used to short breaks and … [Read more...]

A Little Bit Of This… A Little Bit Of That…

My sense of time passage has become very skewed.  The hours at work seem to drag on forever.  My evenings during the week are gone before I know it, as are my weekends.  In the back of my mind I think need to get a post up, been a few days. And … [Read more...]

I Started A New…

I started a new alt blog for those who may be interested.  Ok, ok, so I started Yet Another Alt in WoW, too.  But this post is to tell you about the new blog. Remember how I said I wasn't going to turn this into a mommy-to-be blog? Well, that's … [Read more...]

TLC Thursday: I Heart Souls

Here's a random collection of some posts I starred in my reader over the past month or so.  Ya know, in case you hadn't seen 'em. Ravious of Kill Ten Rats poses the question of what makes one unsubscribe from a blog.  Even I tossed up an answer in … [Read more...]

Gaming Forecast: Heavy Rain Through The Weekend

You may have noticed that the internet has been just a little quieter the past few days. And you are right.  I've been a bit absent from much of anything related to the internet since Tuesday. You see...this game that I've been anxiously … [Read more...]

TLC Thursday: Interviews ‘n Stuff

This week I offer you some gaming, writing, and movie link love.  Enjoy! Do you want to be a writer? Then check out this job posting for the position of being an unpublished writer.  (A fantastic guest post from Tami!) Also, if you haven't been … [Read more...]

Five Reasons To Consider Utilizing Formspring.Me is still relatively new and I thought I'd share why I think it can be valuable to use.  I know several people aren't interested in it or don't really know what it is.  Even if you don't end up using if for yourself, maybe this post will … [Read more...]

Secretly Admiring You From Afar – The Reveal

It is now time to reveal who I've been admiring over the weekend as part of the Secret Admirer project.  I will also include how I concluded who my secret admirer was... Capturing My Admiration My attention and affection was directed at Miss Jaedia … [Read more...]

Secretly Admiring You From Afar

And gazing upon your huge... walls of text. It's not quite spring yet, but some of us bloggers are getting twitterpated and signing up to secretly admire another blogger. This will be interesting... oh yes, it shall be. P.S. I like … [Read more...]