Friday Funnies: 12 Days Of Warcraft

On the 12th day of Christmas World of Warcraft gave to me... Twelve daily quests Eleven new blogs to read Ten soul shards Nine flying mounts Eight achievements Seven battlegrounds Six epic gems.... Breakout! (rap) It's Capwn.  Hijackin' this … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: The Druid Formerly Known as Capwn

He's going by the name Prince Caponikus from now on. … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Leveling Is Serious Business

He's getting more and more terrifying looking.  He is having a hard time being patient about learning cat form.... … [Read more...]

Friday Facepalm: Sexy Enchants

A few days ago I was checking auctions on Caponikus.  I saw an interesting ad for enchants and thought it was a joke at first.  Well, it still may have been a joke, but it showed up a few more times in trade.  I figured I might as well screenshot it … [Read more...]

Gone Fishin’

As a reward for reaching 200 posts, I'm going to follow Capwn's example: Ok, so I'm not really goin' out fishin', but I am going to enjoy a little R&R. … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Look What the Cat Did Now…

Be afraid... very afraid. … [Read more...]

I Needsta Reroll, Yo

(The Doctor has prescribed a dosage of Capwn, so we're fillin' the 'script today.) Finally. Syrana changed her password... tryin' to block my midnight runs.  I've been fienin' for a fix somethin' awful.  She's not as easy to distract as Mary.  … [Read more...]

The Perfect BlizzCon Pet

So this morning, my "masters," Syrana and Sideshow, disturbed my lovely nap so they could crowd in front of the computer. Syrana kept babbling about tickets all week long.  That warlock is so crazy, she was mumbling about tickets, costumes, and … [Read more...]