RL Screenshot Sunday: Children’s Week Announcement

Sideshow and I have an announcement.  We feel it is time to share this news with everyone (and I suspect it will further explain my hiatus and reduced posting beyond all the work hullabaloo). We are -or rather, I am- expecting.  For those of you … [Read more...]

Remember Your Guide To Noblegarden

It's Noblegarden time!  A fairly easy set of holiday achievements that is relatively fun to complete.  If you are looking for a guide to completing the achievements and getting your very own Noble title, be sure to check out my guide from last year: … [Read more...]

Secretly Admiring You From Afar – The Reveal

It is now time to reveal who I've been admiring over the weekend as part of the Secret Admirer project.  I will also include how I concluded who my secret admirer was... Capturing My Admiration My attention and affection was directed at Miss Jaedia … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Love Is In The Air

And still not a Love Fool.  (Due to my own time limitations for the holiday although the reworking of it seemed fine.) Oh and Happy V-Day 'n all that! <3 … [Read more...]

Secretly Admiring You From Afar

And gazing upon your huge... walls of text. It's not quite spring yet, but some of us bloggers are getting twitterpated and signing up to secretly admire another blogger. This will be interesting... oh yes, it shall be. P.S. I like … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: The Girl vs. G.I.R.L. Test

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Rivs of High Latency Life has created a handy-dandy test to find out if you are dealing with a girl or a G.I.R.L. (guy in real life).  Check out the test, then I'll tell you my score. … [Read more...]

On This Day… When I Was Six

When I was a wee lass, I asked a lot of questions.  While I was generally always considered a "bright kid," most young children have those moments. When I turned six, my birthday was much like today.  It fell on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I … [Read more...]

Double IRL Ding – Time For Syrana To Twink

It's that time of year again.  That time where Sideshow and I simultaneously ding. Today, Sideshow enters a new bracket.  It doesn't seem to phase him much.  Boy he's a brave lil' soldier. Me, on the other hand, I have reached the top of my … [Read more...]

Blog Scavenger Hunt Contest – Deadline Draws Near

Only about 24 hours left to submit your answers for the blog scavenger hunt.  I will accept submissions through midnight on 1/4/10.  Don't worry if you didn't find all the answers, submit what you have!  After all, there are 4 prizes up for grabs! … [Read more...]

Holidaze: Guest Posting, Gift Giving, and Podcasts. Oh my!

... yeah, I failed at a catchy title there.  Actually, what you see above is better than what I originally wrote which was "Announcements and Reminders."  *snore* You could say my brain is a little frazzled.  Truthfully, this year's holiday season … [Read more...]