TLC Thursday: I Heart Souls

Here's a random collection of some posts I starred in my reader over the past month or so.  Ya know, in case you hadn't seen 'em. Ravious of Kill Ten Rats poses the question of what makes one unsubscribe from a blog.  Even I tossed up an answer in … [Read more...]

And The Winner Is . . .

Samodean!  He worked diligently using "creative googling," as he put it, to submit his blog scavenger hunt entry within 24 hours after it went live. He did quite well too! Only 2.5 close-but-not-quite-on-the-money answers.  I'm almost glad he … [Read more...]

Blog Scavenger Hunt Contest – Deadline Draws Near

Only about 24 hours left to submit your answers for the blog scavenger hunt.  I will accept submissions through midnight on 1/4/10.  Don't worry if you didn't find all the answers, submit what you have!  After all, there are 4 prizes up for grabs! … [Read more...]

Holidaze: Guest Posting, Gift Giving, and Podcasts. Oh my!

... yeah, I failed at a catchy title there.  Actually, what you see above is better than what I originally wrote which was "Announcements and Reminders."  *snore* You could say my brain is a little frazzled.  Truthfully, this year's holiday season … [Read more...]

One Year Blogiversary Contest: Blog Scavenger Hunt!

I've hinted for awhile now at a contest being revealed today as part of the celebration of us being around for a year.  I wanted to put something together that not only celebrated us, but also love to the blogosphere.  For, without you, we wouldn't … [Read more...]

Syrana Fails At Codes

So the Hearts, Hands, and Voices Child's Play charity drive is going quite well! We're having a blast on Twitter with all the blame tweets.  Some are downright hilarious, others make me go "awww, sowwey!" But here's a little story about how I … [Read more...]

WoW Pride Contest to Win an Authenticator – Extended

It appears that people need more time to submit entries for the contest, so I'm extending it by a week!  Here's a recap of the contest details: Win an Authenticator! These babies are currently out of stock still.  I have one, and think it’s a … [Read more...]

WoW Coming Out Week Contest: Win an Authenticator!

I've been trying to come up with a fun and different contest idea for a couple weeks.  After my Say it Loud, Say it Proud: I Love WoW post, the comments on it, and other posts and comments around the blogosphere... it got me thinking... a lot of … [Read more...]

And the Winners of Blizzard’s Writing Contest Are…

...not Syrana. Over a month has gone by since I entered the Global Creative Writing Contest.  Some of you may remember me posting about it.  I was brainstorming and not feeling satisfied with what was developing in my brain in relation to the … [Read more...]

TLC Thursday: BlizzCon Ticket Giveaway, Trivia, and More!

The Link Connection has some fun and exciting things for you today!  Contests, trivia, writing, confessions, dreams... We're talking awesomingly random today!  (Yes, I made that word up.  Yes, there is a random theme.) I admit it, I am random.  … [Read more...]