Off Into the Nether

I think I may have finally hit that point. The point where I'm no longer interested in playing World of Warcraft. I think the last time I played was almost two months ago and I've had absolutely no urge to play, even though my year subscription … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: My Biggest Fan

It looks like I have a fan on the Alliance side on Eitrigg. I'm so flattered. I ran across him when doing the cooking quests during Thanksgiving with my Alliance rogue. … [Read more...]

Almost Easy

I thought I would grace you with my presence since Syrana is taking a short hiatus and removing the sick germs from herself. What have I been up to? I bet everyone is waiting with anticipation. Last I posted about WoW was when Syrana asked me to … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: Know Your Audience

Sometimes those pesky macros go into the wrong channel...which requires me to be a smartass. :P … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: The Dangers of Joking About Account Hacking

The other night, one of our guildmates logged on.  After a round of "Oi's" (our way of sayin' hello), that guidie says it's not them, that they hacked the account.  Since a few guildies have been hacked in the past, one of the officers quickly … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Memory Lane

This screenshot is an interesting one.  When I first started playing WoW, I didn't take many screenshots.  I certainly hadn't thought to take screenies of my character screen either!  Well, I took this screenshot on January 22, 2007 (just a handful … [Read more...]

Children’s Week: WTA Orphan PST

WTA, you are wondering? Want To Adopt, of course!  Seriously, the orphan NPCs are adorable.  Yes, even the little Orc boy.  He's so ugly he's cute, like an orangutan.  The cutest of them all has got to be the little Draenei girl though.  She's is … [Read more...]

Naxxtastic: A Small Guild’s First Attempt

As many of you have noticed around here, there aren't many posts that talk about boss downage.  Our guild is small and focuses on community first and are not what you'd consider a 'raiding' guild.  We do have a lot of really great and skillful … [Read more...]

Carry On My Wayward Warlock

Lay Your Weary Head to Rest At the beginning of January I wrote a post speculating on the State of the Warlock and feeling as though I was headed for the endangered species list.  Unfortunately, it looks like I am on there.  I can handle that... … [Read more...]

Merry Happy Unbirthday!

Last Friday, I hosted another social guild event.  This event was set up (quickly and belatedly) to celebrate the creation of our guild's chapter of OI on Eitrigg, which was created on 2/10/06.  You would think this would have been combined with the … [Read more...]