Diving In

Since the last post, I've spent a good chunk of Eve Online time training up my character to do some exploring. I have since spent a lot more time (almost all of my play time with that character) in low security space. I now have a T2 covert … [Read more...]

TLC Thursday: Interviews ‘n Stuff

This week I offer you some gaming, writing, and movie link love.  Enjoy! Do you want to be a writer? Then check out this job posting for the position of being an unpublished writer.  (A fantastic guest post from Tami!) Also, if you haven't been … [Read more...]

Into The Stars: Syrana Ventures Into EVE Online

The world isn't big enough to contain me.  I must seek domination far and wide.  Space is a good place to seek ultimate domination.  Not just world domination - but universal domination! Wait, even bigger than that! Although, a noob like me in the … [Read more...]

Black Abyss

Remember me? I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but fortunately we have Syrana to keep you occupied with her wonderful posts. I'm definitely still playing Warcraft, but a little less than usual. I tend to have a short attention span with some … [Read more...]