A Little Bit Of This… A Little Bit Of That…

My sense of time passage has become very skewed.  The hours at work seem to drag on forever.  My evenings during the week are gone before I know it, as are my weekends.  In the back of my mind I think need to get a post up, been a few days. And … [Read more...]

RL Screenshot Sunday: Children’s Week Announcement

Sideshow and I have an announcement.  We feel it is time to share this news with everyone (and I suspect it will further explain my hiatus and reduced posting beyond all the work hullabaloo). We are -or rather, I am- expecting.  For those of you … [Read more...]

Remember Your Guide To Noblegarden

It's Noblegarden time!  A fairly easy set of holiday achievements that is relatively fun to complete.  If you are looking for a guide to completing the achievements and getting your very own Noble title, be sure to check out my guide from last year: … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Happy Noblegarden!

*sighs, seeing the amount of dust that accumulated since last show and tell day* I've been having fun going through photographs this weekend and went through some screenshots too!  Here's a couple fun shots from last year around this time.... … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Love Is In The Air

And still not a Love Fool.  (Due to my own time limitations for the holiday although the reworking of it seemed fine.) Oh and Happy V-Day 'n all that! <3 … [Read more...]

Guild Event Ideas For Winter Veil

Where has the year flown by? Almost hard to believe it is that time of year again... for the Feast of Winter Veil! This is the longest in game holiday and it starts on December 15th. So if you are looking for some guild event ideas in order to … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: A Pirate’s Life For Me~

Last Saturday (9/19) was Pirate's Day in game.  Syrana, of course, had to get the achievement associated with it. … [Read more...]

No Fuel for the Fire, Midsummer Fire Festival Review Part 2

Previously I posted a review of my positive experiences with the Midsummer Fire Festival this year... all about the gold, blossoms, goodies, title, experience, etc.  I had also mentioned I was a bit disappointed this year as well.  Here's why... the … [Read more...]

We Didn’t Start the Fire, A Midsummer Fire Festival Review

Ahh, so another Azerothian festival has come and gone.  I must say though that the Midsummer Fire Festival is one of my favorites, if not my very favorite. That being said, I was a bit disappointed this year.  But we'll get to that in a … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Everyone Loves Colorful Explosives

Yesterday was Independence Day over here in the States.... which includes parades, food, family, and bright lights that go *BOOM* in the sky.  I like watching fireworks, but I could do without the sound... and crowds.  (You know, you'd think they … [Read more...]