Secret Santa: Nib’s Dungeon Finder Tips ‘n Tricks

Hi all, Nibuca here hoping you all had a very happy holiday.  In case you don't know me, I co-host the Twisted Nether Blogcast and blog over at Mystic Chicanery (yes, I do have a blog.. why is everyone so surprised to find that out?).  Anyway I … [Read more...]

#IBlameSyrana Update

It was perfectly fitting that I wore this today, seriously.  We have surpassed 500 #iblamesyrana tweets! *cheers* *confetti* I have made our donation for reaching 500. But it's not over yet! You still have until December 13th to chip in for … [Read more...]

Crazy Pet Lady

Yes, people are still talking about it and being very passionate about their view points.  Yes, I realize this post may appear late in the game, but I had one major reason for postponing it - hoping some of the hype would die down a bit.  I mean, I … [Read more...]

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Penalty Systems and Entitlement in WoW

This week's Blog Azeroth Shared Topic is brought to you by Relevart of Druid Reliquary. Relevart starts the topic off with posing this: "I know a few other bloggers have shown interest in the idea of player motivation and I absolutely love the … [Read more...]

Aionic Monday – Creation, Ascending, and Cinematics – Oh my!

Woo, queues have significantly reduced over the weekend.  It seems that opening a couple more servers and raising population caps slowly have helped.  Also, the change made to the private stores, where they can't be afk selling for more than 30 … [Read more...]

“Dear Archavon” (or Why I Love VoA)

Dear Archavon, I'm sorry to leave you this letter, but I don't know the next time the Horde will control Wintergrasp so that I can swing by the Vault to talk to you.  You see, I've been doing some thinking... and I need to set our relationship … [Read more...]

Naxxtastic: A Small Guild’s First Attempt

As many of you have noticed around here, there aren't many posts that talk about boss downage.  Our guild is small and focuses on community first and are not what you'd consider a 'raiding' guild.  We do have a lot of really great and skillful … [Read more...]

Back and Sassy as Ever

Yay, I am feeling muchmuch better.  Thank you all for your warm get well wishes and not starting a riot.  Oddly enough, Tuesday marked the highest site visits we've seen thus far.  This still boggles my mind because I didn't post anything earth … [Read more...]

Carry On My Wayward Warlock

Lay Your Weary Head to Rest At the beginning of January I wrote a post speculating on the State of the Warlock and feeling as though I was headed for the endangered species list.  Unfortunately, it looks like I am on there.  I can handle that... … [Read more...]

The Stroll to 80 – Level 79

Woo! Yes! Almost there... Sideshow and Syrana dinged level 79 Monday night.  We've been taking our time, seein' the sights, working on professions, working on achievements, working on alts, and taking care of daily life.  But, last night, I … [Read more...]