Screenshot Sunday: The Protector

With Children's Week coming up, starting today, I thought I'd use a screenshot from a Children's Week of the past. This is Sideshow escorting the little Blood Elf girl. I think he's saying, "If you touch her, I will rip out your spleen with my fist … [Read more...]

Holidaze: Guest Posting, Gift Giving, and Podcasts. Oh my!

... yeah, I failed at a catchy title there.  Actually, what you see above is better than what I originally wrote which was "Announcements and Reminders."  *snore* You could say my brain is a little frazzled.  Truthfully, this year's holiday season … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: 12 Days Of Warcraft

On the 12th day of Christmas World of Warcraft gave to me... Twelve daily quests Eleven new blogs to read Ten soul shards Nine flying mounts Eight achievements Seven battlegrounds Six epic gems.... Breakout! (rap) It's Capwn.  Hijackin' this … [Read more...]

The Smell of Smoking Leather

[This is a true holiday gift! Gnomeaggedon of Armaggedon's Coming has been voluntarily enslaved long enough to tap out a message to all of you.  Enjoy!] This must be the place. I don't think I failed in tweaking that port into a cross-realm … [Read more...]

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

So, you're sitting in your living room next to your decorated Christmas tree with a glass of egg nog and wondering, "I'd really like to listen to some Christmas music, but it needs some crunch to it." Don't fear, I have you covered. Not to sound like … [Read more...]

Day Of The (Disappointed) Dead

Hallow's End has come and gone, leaving me with only the helm standing between Syrana and Syrana the Hallowed.  Stupid RNG eluded me again.  Granted, I didn't go after it as much as I could have... As Hallow's End ended, Day of the Dead began.  I … [Read more...]

Guild Event Ideas for Hallow’s End and Day of the Dead

As some of you may (or may not) know, at one time I was our guild's social event extraordinaire.  Well, that's not to say I'm completely out of that job... just... I'm not as active in WoW as I once was now that Aion has caught my eye.  But! I still … [Read more...]

Children’s Week Begins!

Today marks the beginning of the next in game holiday, Children's Week.  I'm interested to see how it has been revamped.  I know there are achievements associated with the holiday that weren't around in the past, so this shall be interesting.  … [Read more...]