Screenshot Sunday: Blamed On My Own Server

Why, yes, that is a night elf pointing at me.  And... what's this? They blame Syrana?  Oh ho, the < I Blame Syrana > guild franchise has opened up another chain, I see.  And on my home server no less! Buncha filthy stinkin' Alliance... … [Read more...]

Blaming Syrana For Charity Has Come To A Close

Wowza, I can hardly believe the 1st Annual Hearts, Hands, and Voices charity drive organized by Azeroth United has come to a close.  It ran November 1st through December 13th.  It was filled with great mini-drives and support.  The initial … [Read more...]

Time To Put The Blame Into Overdrive!

Oh my goodness, there's not much time left for the Hearts, Hands, and Voices charity drive!  The community has been fantastic and we're raising a lot of money for Child's Play, which is awesome.  But, there's some more money to be spent! If you … [Read more...]

#IBlameSyrana Update

It was perfectly fitting that I wore this today, seriously.  We have surpassed 500 #iblamesyrana tweets! *cheers* *confetti* I have made our donation for reaching 500. But it's not over yet! You still have until December 13th to chip in for … [Read more...]

Syrana Fails At Codes

So the Hearts, Hands, and Voices Child's Play charity drive is going quite well! We're having a blast on Twitter with all the blame tweets.  Some are downright hilarious, others make me go "awww, sowwey!" But here's a little story about how I … [Read more...]

Get Your Blame On!

Remember folks, today marks the start of the official #iblamesyrana tweet count for Azeroth United's Hearts, Hands, and Voices charity drive for Child's Play Charity. Not sure what this #iblamesyrana tweet thing is all about? Check out this post … [Read more...]

Blame Syrana For Charity

That's right, there is a new incarnation of #iblamesyrana on Twitter.  A few folks have already started to warm up their blaming skills in anticipation.  You may have heard a little about it on a couple of podcasts or even seen the post over at … [Read more...]

It Has Been Created!

Now... to come up with fun rank names... … [Read more...]

TNB Show #IBlameSyrana Now Available and Upcoming Rawrcast Show!

In case you didn't get to catch the live Twisted Nether Blogcast show last Friday while Sideshow and yours truly were on there, it is now available for your listening pleasure!  You can access it here or download it on iTunes (look for episode … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: The Blame Game

So some of you may have noticed the #IBlameSyrana tweets the other day.  This is where the hashtag topic started (even though the blaming had started previously with this post.) … [Read more...]