Hardwired: The Rush of the First Song

If you're a metal fan and you were breathing on Thursday, you may have seen that Metallica released a new song and new album details without warning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhBHL3v4d3I I was caught off-guard. It's hard describe the … [Read more...]

Nothing Else Matters

I originally did this post on my Genealogy site due to a weekly meme that another blogger creates on Saturdays, but I thought it was a good post to get people to think about their answers. I won't make you go visit my site to read it, since it's not … [Read more...]

Ink and Metal, Part 1

Considering I haven't logged into WoW a whole lot recently (no, I'm not quitting, just... it's summer 'n stuff and -Oooh shiny!) and I have yet to check out the new changes since Patch 3.2 dropped yesterday... I figured I'd go for a more real … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: Enter Not-So Sandman

So... we don't have any "fresh off the cam" videos to share, but this one has not been featured on the blog yet.  I love Metallica, but please... a fair warning... the lyrics get a little butchered.  But! It's all in classic BBV style that is still … [Read more...]

Review: Guitar Hero: Metallica

I thought I'd make an appearance today by putting up my review of Guitar Hero: Metallica. It merges two of my favorite things, Metallica and video games. I was a bit skeptical at first. I was not very impressed with the Guitar Hero: World Tour … [Read more...]

Stream of Consciousness

So, Syrana is making me do all of this work coming up with name inspiration and 10 things about myself. What is this, school? I jest. It's about time I post something on here, right? What's in a Name? Sideshow - I'm not 100% sure how I got this … [Read more...]

Nothing Else Matters

[Updated to add links to photos, etc at the bottom] On Monday night nothing else did matter, not even WoW (or my hearing for that matter.) After months of waiting, Syrana and I got to see Metallica live at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. For me, … [Read more...]