Space Truckin’

I wasn't really keeping up on the Star Wars: The Old Republic news, so I pretty much forgot about it. I happened to be listening to Polygamerous on Dec 19th when Syrana was on for the 100th episode and I heard them mention it went live that night. I … [Read more...]

To Isengard!

Hi, remember me? Probably not. I sometimes live here. Anyways... I did enjoy the Cataclysm expansion. They added a lot of cool features. The new zones and the reconfigured zones were both very well done. I now have more characters at max level … [Read more...]

Has Gaming Prepared Us For Sleepless Nights?

I know, I know.  This place is rundown and cobwebby.  No one hangs out here much anymore. Hell, I barely pass as a "gamer" anymore.  But, as most of you know (if anyone is still out there, that is) I've been a bit preoccupied with my spawn-to-be. … [Read more...]

Thought Dump: The Treadmill

A few years ago, Sideshow and I bought a treadmill.  At the time, we were trying to go to the gym on a regular basis to work out.  Like lots of great plans, it worked for awhile, but then trailed off.  Mostly due to the extra time it took to get … [Read more...]

Into The Stars: Syrana Ventures Into EVE Online

The world isn't big enough to contain me.  I must seek domination far and wide.  Space is a good place to seek ultimate domination.  Not just world domination - but universal domination! Wait, even bigger than that! Although, a noob like me in the … [Read more...]

Attack Of The Itis

I think most of us have been in this position.  Few gamers that I know play only one game and only one character.  I suffer from two main forms of Itis: Altitis Gameitis Altitis This is also referred to as: altism, altoholic, altoholism.  … [Read more...]

Syrana’s 2010 Gaming Goals

This is going to be a bit different than last year's goal list.  Last year I focused heavily on World of Warcraft goals with a smattering of Rock Band goals mixed in.  This year, I've broken down my goals into a few different categories: WoW, Aion, … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

...from Barrens Chat and omgwtf names. This is a screenshot from Allods Online closed beta shortly after I exited the beginner phased area and became surrounded by other players.  Although, all the Chuck Norris comments were scrolled off the … [Read more...]

MMO With A Single Player Option

So recently it was revealed that the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) MMO by Bioware will have the option of utilizing NPC companions.  (Check out this video interview for the full scoop.) Apparently this is the apocalypse and the … [Read more...]

A Change of Seasons

I thought I'd give an update on my gaming and an overview of my play-style. Sideshow is currently at 80 and has been there for many months now. In all honesty, he's probably as far as he needs to be. He has a few Naxx pieces, some PvP pieces, etc. … [Read more...]