Playing Catch Up

Hey look! It's a non-screenshot post today.  *crowd cheers* I've been meaning to write this post for quite awhile now.  It's content has changed a bit and the title has changed a lot since it started rattling around in my head. So, pull up a … [Read more...]

Gaming Forecast: Heavy Rain Through The Weekend

You may have noticed that the internet has been just a little quieter the past few days. And you are right.  I've been a bit absent from much of anything related to the internet since Tuesday. You see...this game that I've been anxiously … [Read more...]

TLC Thursday: Interviews ‘n Stuff

This week I offer you some gaming, writing, and movie link love.  Enjoy! Do you want to be a writer? Then check out this job posting for the position of being an unpublished writer.  (A fantastic guest post from Tami!) Also, if you haven't been … [Read more...]

TLC Thursday: Tootin’ My Horn ‘n Yours

First part of this is... full of superawesomeSyrana-y goodness. Syrana received some in character mail over at Diabolical Minds.  She has now shared her thoughts on Sylvanas and Thrall.  She will be expressing her (not mine - HER... ok a little … [Read more...]

Slight Story Delay…

I will have today's RP post up later this evening.  I had about half written prior to the start of Polygamerous last night and was planning to finish it up after the show since we were starting earlier... but we had SO much to talk about, a guest, … [Read more...]

Lessons In Leet

Just a reminder that tonight we'll be recording our 10th episode of Polygamerous live!  We have a special guest joining us - Nicole Spagnuolo from Ladies of Leet. Join us in the chatroom and the live recording on Mondays at 8pm PST.  If you can't … [Read more...]

Am I Awake Or Am I Dreaming?

This first full work week after two short weeks due to the holidays is just killing my brain.  Seriously.  At least I have some time off coming up really soon, which will definitely help me get back on track with the normal posting schedule. If … [Read more...]

And The Winner Is . . .

Samodean!  He worked diligently using "creative googling," as he put it, to submit his blog scavenger hunt entry within 24 hours after it went live. He did quite well too! Only 2.5 close-but-not-quite-on-the-money answers.  I'm almost glad he … [Read more...]

Kickin’ Off The New Year

A reminder that tonight will be the first Polygamerous podcast episode of 2010.  And the first with me as an "official" host!  I'd love to see you in the live chatroom tonight... at 8pm PST. Since the show records live on Monday nights, I might … [Read more...]

Syrana’s 2010 Gaming Goals

This is going to be a bit different than last year's goal list.  Last year I focused heavily on World of Warcraft goals with a smattering of Rock Band goals mixed in.  This year, I've broken down my goals into a few different categories: WoW, Aion, … [Read more...]