Random WoW Memory: There’s No Honor In Dueling

There are some things I just don't have time for... like being challenged to a duel as I hop off the zeppelin outside of The Undercity. Back when I was leveling Syrana on an RP-PvP server, I remember this druid, who was about the same level, … [Read more...]

Iron Man

This weekend, I was an achievement bull dozer. I plowed through a bunch of somewhat rare and hard-to-get achievements through mostly luck. Sideshow beat out the whole server to get one and closer to a title and my Mid-40s Priest got a few that I've … [Read more...]

An Interview With Syrana’s Parents

We all know that Sideshow and I are avid gamers.  But did you know my parents are gamers too? About a year ago, Sideshow and I piqued their interest enough in WoW to get them playing.  They each have their own account and are still enjoying the … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: Dispelling Myths

RP does not equal ERP Pie is not better than cake All PvE server people are not carebears All PvP server people are not ganksters All avatars do not match the player's sex All WoW players that are jerks aren't 12 yrs olds All gamers … [Read more...]

No Fuel for the Fire, Midsummer Fire Festival Review Part 2

Previously I posted a review of my positive experiences with the Midsummer Fire Festival this year... all about the gold, blossoms, goodies, title, experience, etc.  I had also mentioned I was a bit disappointed this year as well.  Here's why... the … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Look What the Cat Did Now…

Be afraid... very afraid. … [Read more...]

I Needsta Reroll, Yo

(The Doctor has prescribed a dosage of Capwn, so we're fillin' the 'script today.) Finally. Syrana changed her password... tryin' to block my midnight runs.  I've been fienin' for a fix somethin' awful.  She's not as easy to distract as Mary.  … [Read more...]

I’m in Yer Blog, Takin’ Over Yer Posts

*Jumps in Sideshow's computer chair, looking around* Good, it's nice and quiet in here. *Flicks tail, lazily washing at whiskers* I don't get a lot of time to play, since those two noobs are always at their computers.  And weekends? Forget … [Read more...]

Place Your Bets Now!

Goodness, I've been flooded with a gazillion ideas and no time to forumlate sentences, let alone posts.  Well, I've been posting, just haven't been able to tackle all the crazy stuff in my head.  But, it's time for an update on my characters! In … [Read more...]

Lunar Festival, Take 2

Reading my last post about Lunar Festival is not required to enjoy this one.  But for the heck of it, go ahead and read the last one if you haven't already.  Go on~ /peerpressure Before I go into an update on Syrana's Elder Tour, I have to share … [Read more...]