Secret Santa: Nib’s Dungeon Finder Tips ‘n Tricks

Hi all, Nibuca here hoping you all had a very happy holiday.  In case you don't know me, I co-host the Twisted Nether Blogcast and blog over at Mystic Chicanery (yes, I do have a blog.. why is everyone so surprised to find that out?).  Anyway I … [Read more...]

A Change of Seasons

I thought I'd give an update on my gaming and an overview of my play-style. Sideshow is currently at 80 and has been there for many months now. In all honesty, he's probably as far as he needs to be. He has a few Naxx pieces, some PvP pieces, etc. … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Facing Onyxia

With November fast approaching and Onyxia scheduled for a facelift, a few of us decided to go peek at her... and lop off her head.  I was never at level cap during Classic (or "vanilla") WoW, so I never got to experience the thrills and headaches of … [Read more...]

Work Raid Encounter 3: Help! I’m taking water damage!

Last Friday while I was raiding, I started getting hit with a new water based spell.  It appears to be an AOE spell, but it only hits in one spot... from above.  Unfortunately,  am required to ranged DPS at this stage of the fight.  I tried moving... … [Read more...]

Work Raid Encounter 2

(This is a follow up of sorts to the first Work Raid Encounter post.) I expressed interest to the GM of taking over as the raid leader for our guild. I feel it's something I am ready for and have been preparing for for the last couple years of … [Read more...]

Work Raid Encounter

Taking Fulguralis' suggestion to have some fun with equating work with WoW and vice versa, I present you (and myself) with another way to look at what's been happenin'.... Our server is experiencing some isolated issues that don't seem to be … [Read more...]

I Like Lava (OS 10 Cleared)

As some of you may know, our guild is not a raiding guild.  However, that doesn't mean we don't know how to play or don't want to see content.  I posted previously about our first attempt at 10man Naxxramas.  Since that post, we have gone into Naxx 2 … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Lil’ Bunny Foo Foo

Last week recap Last week's beware sign was indeed from Grizzly Hills as many of you had guessed!  Good job to all! Introducing... This week's screenshot is not much for guessing, but for entertainment.  I mean, who woulda thought 10 little … [Read more...]

“Dear Archavon” (or Why I Love VoA)

Dear Archavon, I'm sorry to leave you this letter, but I don't know the next time the Horde will control Wintergrasp so that I can swing by the Vault to talk to you.  You see, I've been doing some thinking... and I need to set our relationship … [Read more...]

Naxxtastic: A Small Guild’s First Attempt

As many of you have noticed around here, there aren't many posts that talk about boss downage.  Our guild is small and focuses on community first and are not what you'd consider a 'raiding' guild.  We do have a lot of really great and skillful … [Read more...]