It’s Good to Be the King

Another Steam sale has come and gone and, as you know from past posts, I'm a sucker for those. This one was no exception, though I definitely didn't spend as much as I did during the last Holiday one. I did pick up a bunch of good titles that were on … [Read more...]

Now I Just Need Time

So, the Steam Holiday Sale is over and gone. It left a trail of destruction in its wake that has never been seen before. Ok, maybe that's an overstatement, but I did buy a lot more games than I thought I would (and probably should have.) But, as I've … [Read more...]

Into The Stars: Syrana Ventures Into EVE Online

The world isn't big enough to contain me.  I must seek domination far and wide.  Space is a good place to seek ultimate domination.  Not just world domination - but universal domination! Wait, even bigger than that! Although, a noob like me in the … [Read more...]

Entering the Dragon Age

After hearing several people comment and rave about how great Dragon Age: Origins has been, Sideshow and I had to check it out.  We seem to be one of the few blogs that weren't offered a review copy, but that's ok.  It was totally worth the cost for … [Read more...]

Who Says Pixies Can’t Be Tough?

*waves* Hey everyone! Yes, I know, it's the first Wednesday of the month. Yes, I know, there should be some history and assorted information about a piece of gamer vernacular today. But... Pixies are cute. Yes, I said Pixies.  Stop … [Read more...]