Into The Mouth Of Hell We March

I'm posting this since it's been rolling around in my head and getting it typed out helps me collect it all in one place. Plus, I should probably talk about these metal guys before more of them die off (Rest in Peace.) Throughout my music … [Read more...]

Let There Be Rock

So, we finally did it. We finally tackled Rock Band 2's Endless Setlist 2 with our virtual band, "We Have Heads." 84 straight songs with no stopping (except some pause breaks, cuz we're gettin' old.) I was completely insane and did the whole thing on … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: We’re Number One!

On Friday, October 30th, after work, Sideshow and I decided to get some Rock Band time in.  First we checked to see what battles were available and saw there was a Halloween Battle! The songs We Have Heads performed: Dragula by Rob … [Read more...]

Ink and Metal, Part 2

Ink and Metal, Part 1 - Getting Ink'd So the day after getting my tattoo, Sideshow and I went to see KoRn at The Rave in Milwaukee on July 18th.  This was my 4th or 5th time seeing them live.  (It's terrible when you start to get old enough to … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: Enter Not-So Sandman

So... we don't have any "fresh off the cam" videos to share, but this one has not been featured on the blog yet.  I love Metallica, but please... a fair warning... the lyrics get a little butchered.  But! It's all in classic BBV style that is still … [Read more...]

Of Mounts and Goals

I forgot to post up a bit of glee /happydance of a RL achievement.... my mount is paid off! Woo! Now, if only I could save the gold to buy an epic... Goals Schmoals I can't believe June is almost over already.  Half the year is gone!  A … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: Nine Inch Nails + Murloc + Rock Band = Win

I really can't begin to describe what you are about to see.  This video is the crown jewel, the cream of the crop, the best of the best of the Rock Band videos we have with our good ol' friend here. I seriously thought I was going to die laughing … [Read more...]

Friday Funnies: This is for all the Hawt Ladies Out There

Our third post ever (well, Sideshow's second post, the site's third post) featured a video of a friend that plays Rock Band with us.  Today, I'd like to share another one of these gems with you all.  We have too much fun making these, I think.  … [Read more...]

Bang Your Head

... it feels like I did that many, many times into the wall.  Which is unfortunate.  I shouldn't feel so headachy after a Rock Band session, but I do.  You see, we bought a new TV Wednesday evening.  I know that sounds all well and good.  (And it is … [Read more...]

More Cowbell

So the band played again tonight.  I think we're back on our practice schedule! *crosses fingers*  I'm going to post on that tonight because, frankly, my brain cannot handle putting together anything else for you this evening.  And I don't even want … [Read more...]