Off Into the Nether

I think I may have finally hit that point. The point where I'm no longer interested in playing World of Warcraft. I think the last time I played was almost two months ago and I've had absolutely no urge to play, even though my year subscription … [Read more...]

Dancin’, Dancin’, DANCIN’!

Well, hello.  Remember me? >.> <.< No? Ah well.  It was bound to happen.  I mean, I did go rogue 'n all (as in not around.. I'm still a warlock through 'n through.) I'm getting more and more hands free moments now that our … [Read more...]

Aerissa Jean

As many of you know, we've welcomed our daughter into the world. She came on Halloween, which was unexpected, yet very much appreciated. She'll have awesome birthday parties. I thought I'd just post up the basic information and annoucement. Syrana … [Read more...]

State Of The WoW Account

Seeing as how I haven't logged into WoW since the first weekend of July and we're tightening our budget in anticipation of our spawn's arrival... I decided to cancel it.  For now. Things are very busy right now IRL.  I'm used to short breaks and … [Read more...]

I Started A New…

I started a new alt blog for those who may be interested.  Ok, ok, so I started Yet Another Alt in WoW, too.  But this post is to tell you about the new blog. Remember how I said I wasn't going to turn this into a mommy-to-be blog? Well, that's … [Read more...]

Kickin’ Ass and Completin’ Quests

Thought I'd provide a brief update regarding the wonderful World of Warcraft. See, I haven't been running dungeons, raiding, or even doing dailies.  You might be shocked to know that I still haven't used the random dungeon finder nor have I ran … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: The Cutest Human/Elf Children

Last week I featured the cutest baby ever, an infant Taunka.  This week I'm bringing you an adorable human boy and elven girl.  (I told you I was excited about the upcoming Children's Week!) … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: El Pollo Grande

*busily swats away the cobwebs, tidying up the place* Sometimes life hands you lemons. Other times it hands you large chickens. It's all in how you handle 'em. … [Read more...]

Screenshot Sunday: Love Is In The Air

And still not a Love Fool.  (Due to my own time limitations for the holiday although the reworking of it seemed fine.) Oh and Happy V-Day 'n all that! <3 … [Read more...]

Thought Dump: The Treadmill

A few years ago, Sideshow and I bought a treadmill.  At the time, we were trying to go to the gym on a regular basis to work out.  Like lots of great plans, it worked for awhile, but then trailed off.  Mostly due to the extra time it took to get … [Read more...]