Secret Santa: Nib’s Dungeon Finder Tips ‘n Tricks

Hi all, Nibuca here hoping you all had a very happy holiday.  In case you don't know me, I co-host the Twisted Nether Blogcast and blog over at Mystic Chicanery (yes, I do have a blog.. why is everyone so surprised to find that out?).  Anyway I … [Read more...]

Blogiversary: Year In Review – She Said What?!

We interrupt normally scheduled posting... *confetti* Can't help it, I'm excited to have reached this milestone.  I have some posts lined up that pertain to a year of existence (hilarious search terms, favorite posts, love to the readers and … [Read more...]

The Smell of Smoking Leather

[This is a true holiday gift! Gnomeaggedon of Armaggedon's Coming has been voluntarily enslaved long enough to tap out a message to all of you.  Enjoy!] This must be the place. I don't think I failed in tweaking that port into a cross-realm … [Read more...]

The Curious Case Of Mortigan The Warlock

The Twitterati discovered a mystery: Mortigan is missing! The blog is no longer found. The twitter account no longer exists. Hopefully his Forsaken body didn't fall apart. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this warlock … [Read more...]

TLC Thursday: Links, Links, Everywhere Links

Today's TLC Thursday is brought to you by some random starred items in my Google Reader... again. This first link is a non-WoW blog, but I found this post amusing about the overkill of trendy idioms over at DelSquacho.  Scratch that, this isn't a … [Read more...]

What? BlizzCon Was Over A Month Ago Already?

It's weird.  On the one hand, BlizzCon feels like it was just the other day, but on the other hand, it feels like it was ages ago. Then, it really hit me that it was over a month ago. Remember all that great BlizzCon recappin' I promised?  … [Read more...]

Committing to the Dark Side – Choosing Your Warlock’s Race

It's time to get more warlocky around here, don'tcha think? With all the excitement surrounding the announcement of Cataclysm, many people have decided to roll a new character to experience Old Azeroth one last time.  Perhaps you've heard the call of … [Read more...]

Still Vacationing in Aion

I admit, I'm a visual person.  Detail, colors, images, etc. are things I pay a lot of attention to.  Now, I'm not saying that stunning graphics make or break a game, but if it's not visually appealing to me.... it's going to be a hard sell.  For … [Read more...]

BlizzCon 2009 – Wrap Up & Review Part 1: The Real Schedule

What is it with me and posting multiple parts lately? Well, with BlizzCon, there's no way I could write just one post to cover it all.  Ok, so that's a lie.  There are 2 ways: 1- Use thousands and thousands of words that would take days to read or … [Read more...]

Warlock for Hire

I hope everyone in my warlockery cohort saw the post on yesterday [Edit: I know the article was written and posted on 8/10.  I read it late and posted late figuring most of you would see this on Tuesday]... they are looking for a new Blood … [Read more...]