The Music

Throughout my years of gaming (and movie watching), I've always enjoyed the music that doesn't get a lot of attention. Usually the music is just the background while you play or watch, so a lot of people don't pay attention to it. In the last few … [Read more...]

Back in the Saddle…Again

Well, it was over 3 weeks since I'd logged into WoW.  It almost starts getting to the point where it's scary to go back in.... you don't want to be bombarded upon your return about your absence, you don't want no one to not notice you'd been gone, … [Read more...]

Friday Freebies!

I think we can all agree that contests are awesome and free stuff is awesome.  Especially free stuff we want.  Previously I haven't really advertised any contests, but heck, I'm entering these! ;) Side note - I did submit my entry for the Blizzard … [Read more...]

Naxxtastic: A Small Guild’s First Attempt

As many of you have noticed around here, there aren't many posts that talk about boss downage.  Our guild is small and focuses on community first and are not what you'd consider a 'raiding' guild.  We do have a lot of really great and skillful … [Read more...]

Quality Pre-Owned Old Content for the New Player

Today, after creating a T-shirt, I have now decided to follow in Fulguralis's footsteps of comment turning post!  I was over at Miss Elf's blog catchin' up on some reads (and I apologize I've been a lurker!)  There was an interesting post about what … [Read more...]

Hell Bent for Leather (and Chilled Meat)

Thought I'd do a post that may help a few people. Being a Leatherworker and also a cooker of fine meats, I usually need lots of Chilled Meat and Borean Leather. There are two good places that I've found that gives you both of these, depending on your … [Read more...]

The Stroll to 80 – Level 79

Woo! Yes! Almost there... Sideshow and Syrana dinged level 79 Monday night.  We've been taking our time, seein' the sights, working on professions, working on achievements, working on alts, and taking care of daily life.  But, last night, I … [Read more...]

Goals Update and Wrathgate Part Deux

Previously I posted up a list of some gaming goals I want to accomplish by December 31, 2009.  Well, we're just a few days into February and we've got one done and an update on a couple others.  Plus, I have a little story about why completing the … [Read more...]

Syrana, Last of the Warlocks?

Since Wrath came out, there seems to be a lot of speculation of some classes becoming endangered species, such as warlocks and rogues.  I've heard this pondering question of "where have all the warlocks gone?" a few times over the last month, and … [Read more...]