Sweet Child o’ Mine

One of the things I think about as we raise our daughter (now 2) and have a son on the way (he's still taking his time) is how they will game and how we will game with them. It wasn't really something my parents did with us, mainly since video games … [Read more...]

Disposable Heroes

I finished Mass Effect 2 on Sunday night. It was an amazing ride and Bioware created an amazing game full of epic moments and a great story. This game was started from my Mass Effect 1 savegame using the import feature, so all of my major … [Read more...]

Youth Gone Wild

With today's release of the video game Brütal Legend (which I will buy soon) I decided to check out the soundtrack and I was amazed at how long and brutal it was. In honor of this nod to metal, I wanted to allow everyone to listen to every song on … [Read more...]

Review: Guitar Hero: Metallica

I thought I'd make an appearance today by putting up my review of Guitar Hero: Metallica. It merges two of my favorite things, Metallica and video games. I was a bit skeptical at first. I was not very impressed with the Guitar Hero: World Tour … [Read more...]