TLC Thursday: Because I Care

Klepsacovic of Troll Racials are Overpowered takes an interesting look at the competency of WoW players.  I particularly found the first part very insightful with the comparison of a pro-basketball player and how people would not find it appropriate for him to make fun of someone playing ball in their driveway.

I know I’ve given Tamarind of Standing at the Back in My Sissy Robe link love on previous TLC Thursdays, but seriously, if you are not reading his blog yet…. you have to get over there and subscribe.  I can’t just link one post today because he keeps me wildly entertained nearly every day.  From disenchanting his gear and adventuring in Sholazar Basin wearing a tux, to making me picture Arthas sounding like Keanu Reeves; from pick up line advice for Kael, to striking out with a beautiful woman while reading a Warcraft novel… and that was just this week!

Oh, and, in case you missed it, Megan of Out of Mana and Jong of Forbearance made an appearance this week! Yay!  Jong introduces us to his half-brother, Scutum while Megs gets lyrical.

(Non-WoW) Samodean of Massive Nerd continues his coverage and previews of all things Aion, this time with questing.

(Non-WoW) Cracked takes a look at the top 7 obnoxious types of people found at nearly every concert.  I think I’ll be on the look out for them while rockin’ out to Korn on Saturday night. \m/


  1. Korn is a good concert, I saw them at Project Revolution 2 years ago. I am never let down by your musical taste. . .

  2. Korn concert? I’m jealous. I missed out on the last one in my area due to work… and rain. Hoorway for outdoor concerts. ~_^

  3. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Fish & @Sprink – Yes, yes, Korn on Saturday! 😀 We’ve seen them a few times (some outdoors, some in). This one will be indoors, so it’ll get a bit stuffy, I’m sure. They have so much energy live!

  4. Oh my heavens, thank you for the linkage and the extremely kind words. I’m delighted people enjoy reading what I write, because the blogsphere is starting to totally make WoW for me. All this intelligence, wit, insight and shared enthusiasm – makes playing the game so much more fun.

    The summary of my week makes me look like an absolute maniac but never mind, as long as I’m an entertaining maniac 😉