TLC Thursday: Evil Be Thy Name

This week’s The Link Connection will be dedicated to warlocks everywhere.  As things have started to calm down after Patch 3.1, there’s some great information to be shared and pondered.  (And I know, I’ve slacked on giving my own patchy goodness observations.  They are still to come, oh yes, yes they are.)

Kekremsi @ Flickr

Warlockery Jazz Hands

  • Looking for a nice, clean, and sleek new UI? Check out Nibuca’s and the info on the addon’s she uses on Mystic Chicanery.
  • You’ve heard warlocks are evil.  We get that, but just how evil? Well, time to add up the points from the evil scale presented by Yet Another Warlock Nerf and take a look!
  • Elleiras of Fel Fire found a new place to farm souls.
Image courtesy of Kekremsi at Flickr


  1. AMG three links! <3

  2. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Fear – 😀 Well, you are triple evil, yes? ;P

  3. triple evil is my middle name.. er.. names? maybe give it a hyphen? triple-evil?