TLC Thursday: Hello, Goodbye

Before I dive into the 2nd ever The Link Connection, I want to let everyone know that since Capone took over the blog yesterday for a bit… the WoW Word of the Month post will be delayed until next Wednesday.

Please say hello to these two newer bloggers:

Sibyll (yay, warlock!) –  started just a short while ago and we love to see more warlockery! (I stole Fulg’s word. Shhh~)

Catryalini (yay, warlock and hunter!)  – newer blog on my radar since we’ve become Twitter buddies.  Good reads to check out!

No Stock UI – a great new resource for customizing your UI

A couple achievement highlights:

Mend Pet – Shows you how to love the cuddly critters and get rid of the nasty ones

Melted Faces – Has Part 1 and Part 2 up for pet collectors

If you haven’t done so yet, take a moment to say goodbye to Big Red Kitty (BRK).  /salute


  1. Fulguralis
    Twitter: Fulguralis

    Woot. I love making words. Spread it around the lockdome.

    (K, that one isn’t nearly as catchy. Reminds me of something: two locks in, one lock out…).

  2. Fulguralis
    Twitter: Fulguralis

    lockosphere. That’s not as bad.

  3. How about stealification?

    My friend (or my friends wife, depending on the day) So started a guide to mini-pets, and she is on part 4 already! Not to mention she started hers on 3/3/09


    Rofl, srsly, if we worried about overlap, no one would blog anything!

    Here is my friend’s first post on the subject. Wif two people rockin it, there is no way to lose!

  4. Weee, thank you 😀
    I’m glad to be mentioned, woho!

  5. Thank you so much for the nod to my page. I appreciate your support.

  6. # 1 – Huzzah for new Warlock blogs that aren’t blocked behind job firewalls! Welcome, Sibyll & Catry!

    # 2 – I’ve been loving No Stock UI to death.

    # 3 – I just wanted to prove that I can count to 3.

    # 5 – …

  7. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Fulg – Lockosphere, I like that. *nodnod*

    @Ogre – Thanks for the added mini-pet resource!

    @Sibyll and Catryalini – You are both welcome!

    @Fear – 3 is good. >.>

  8. I hope to be able to reach 10 by July. Send good mojo my way!