TLC Thursday – Should it Stay or Should it Go?

rainbowheart-soapylovedebWelcome to the first (and hopefully not last) installment of TLC Thursday.  Here’s what I was thinking.  People see TLC and think “tender loving care” (or 1990s music).  Then I mixed that with link love and further mixed it with the Rainbow Connection and came up with: The Link Connection.

Yeah, I can be special like that.

TLC Announcement

So here it is.  The first one.  I don’t know if it will be recurring or not (let me know your thoughts!).  If it is recurring, it may not be every Thursday.  But, as our traffic here and readership has continued to grow steadily (which makes us excited!), I thought it would be appropriate to spread some love around the blogosphere.  Although, if you have ended up here, you likely are quite familiar with many of the blogs I read.  But! Today I wanted to introduce you to a few new warlock blogs that have come to my attention.

Yes, you read that right! New warlock blogs! *Rejoice*

Stories from the Nether

Rosalyne the Warlock

/Cast Fear

So go say welcome to the community!

Oh! And go check out Deekow’s “Build-An-Alt” Project.  That’s right, through the power of the polls, we get to control his alt’s destiny.  Go check it out!

Other Blog Related Shtuff

I have not added the badges yet for Twisted Nether Wiki, Alltop, and Blog Azeroth, but it’s on my to-do list.  Got myself a little too focused on the writing and forgot to keep up on some of the other goodies! /searches for Sideshow

I’m going to be working on adding some new subcategories to the WoW category to make looking for things a bit easier.  I don’t think any one’s having trouble finding what then want/need here, but it’s something I’d like to do before there’s too many posts to go back and re-categorize.

Our posting schedule has been fairly consistent (other than me getting sick last week).  I’m still trying to keep it limited to 1 post a day, but you’ll occasionally see 2 in one day.  This is mostly time related.  I also just wanted to highlight a couple recurring post types, since we have 4 now! I think that’s good… I hope that’s good… /bites nails

Anyhow, here’s an idea of what can be expected throughout your week here:

Sundays – Screenshot Sunday

Tuesdays – RP posts (at this time, continuing Aerissa’s story)

1st Wednesday of the month – Word of the Month

Thursdays – TLC? (let me know!)

Fridays – Friday Funnies (at least, funny to me 😛 )

So there ya have it.  Just wanted to do a little updated housekeeping and announcement type stuff.

Image courtesy of soapylovedeb.


  1. I like your link connection idea. That’s awesome, Heck, I might steal it, rename it, and be displaying the Generic Link Connection, who knows, lol.

    Even if I don’t snake the idea, its an awesome idea and I encourage you to continue it. Nothing helps out the newer bloggers more than someone saying “Hey! Go Check Them Out!”

  2. Love it, and not just because of the shameless plug to “Build-an-Alt Project” 😉 I know there are a lot of bloggers/readers that end up going on a web-trail, and consolidated lists of “check this out” material focus that reading and get bloggers new readers frequently.

  3. Blah, I am yet to put up my badges for TNB, wiki, alltop, and all that jazz. I am led to believe that I was removed from alltop somewhere along the way, since I hardly check that place at all.

  4. Samodean
    Twitter: Samodean

    I do my links on Fridays!

  5. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Dav – Go ahead and ‘borrow’ it! 😉 I know it’s not really a new idea overall, as other bloggers do link posts too. But, since bloggers like you (yes you!) helped direct readers this way, I want to … give back to the blogging community, as it were.

    @Deekow – The shameless plug helped you love it more though, amirite? 😛 I often go on a trail from other people’s blog rolls and post links, etc. Sometimes the story of how I ended up somewhere is sort of interesting.

    @Krizzly – I want to get them up, not only as a little yay for my own ego 😛 but also so new bloggers that come by here (or readers that want to start blogging) can see some of the resources available. And you should get yerself back on Alltop!

    @Sam – 😀 So it’ll be good to spread out link love throughout the week!

  6. I also like the link connection. I wont steal it like Sunday morning screenshot lol…which I swear I didn’t know you did anyway

    always a good read and good luck with the housekeeping =P

  7. Hey, thanks for the link! 🙂 I feel loved!

  8. Huzzah for more bloggers using WordPress over Blogger (since blogger is still blocked at work T_T)! Welcome!

  9. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @thedoctor – Haha, you could just change the name a bit again, like Dav plans to! 😉

    @Rosalyne – You are most welcome! And c’mon, you are a Blood Elf warlock like me, what’s not to love?! 😀

    @Fear – And yayness for WordPress pings too! Seems much easier to alert another WP blogger that you’ve shared some love. 🙂