TLC Thursday: Spreading the Links of Love

  • Larísa of the Pink Pigtail Inn has some sound advice on how you, as a player, can sparkle and shine in game.

  • Fulguralis of Killing ’em Slowly explores thoughts and misconceptions of the impending ‘WoW Killer.’

  • Krizzlybear of Frost is the New Black takes a look at the seemingly unwritten new PUG guidelines for invites.

  • Lodur of World of Matticus explores the different categories of guilds and players that may experience the ‘raider lulls‘ and how to help your guild work through them.

  • Kimberly of World of Warcraft Wanderings has been experimenting with her dual spec – Tanking! Besides the awesome infographic, she talks about issues she is experiencing as a new tank and how to overcome them.  If you have any helpful tips, send ’em her way! (Because she is sooo better than the inanimate carbon rod, I just know it!)

  • In case you missed Euripedes of Critical QQ’s discussion regarding the badge changes, you might want to check it out.  Agree or not, there are some interesting points of discussion raised not only within the original post, but in the mountain o’ comments as well.

  • I think Fulg already highlighted this new(ish)-to-the-scene Warlock blog, but now I’ve had a chance to officially welcome Draxi of The Noob Lock to my Warlockery Cohort!


  1. Fulguralis
    Twitter: Fulguralis

    Wewt. Go ‘locks.

  2. Lots of nuggets of goodness, as I would expect!

  3. krizzlybear says:

    for a moment, i thought Lodur’s article link said “raider lulz”, ie. things to make your guild laugh out loud more =/

  4. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana

    @Fulg – \m/ Indeed 🙂

    @Fish – 😀

    @Krizzly – Haha, well, that’s certainly a post idea to keep in mind. Hmmm.. 😉