X Marks the Spot

There are many things to love about World of Warcraft.  There’s phat loot, friends, lore, quests, pop culture references, and scenery.  You know… those special little touches that Blizzard adds that really puts them over the top.  We even have the ability to capture some of these gems with the sacred Print Screen button, whether we need proof (SS or it didn’t happen!) or just a memory keepsake.

But have you seen it all?  I know I haven’t.  I recently came across this gem, and I think this is now my favoritist NPC (for the moment!).

Where is Winky?

Anyone want to venture a guess as to where this lil’ lady (no pun intended) might be found?  I came across her by accident while doing some exploring.  Thankfully, she didn’t think anything of me taking her picture!


  1. sounds like a screenshot competition in the making, the odd ncp’s around the place

  2. Oh, Winkey my love. There you are.

  3. @Wise Fox

    That is certainly an idea! I’m hoping to have a regular posting of things like this, whether it be weekly or every other week.

  4. Winkey resides on an otherwise deserted island off the west coast of Tanaris, south of Steamwheedle Port, somewhere between Zalashi’s Den and Lost Rigger Cove. 🙂

  5. Syrana
    Twitter: Syrana


    Yay! Another Winkey fan! 🙂